Already it’s 9 days into 2012.

Another year when I promised I would write more. Because that’s what I do best. It’s the way I express myself. If I don’t express myself, it builds up and flows away, wasted, dried up like a raisin in the sun.

Part of my expanded ideas/motivation for writing include the things that I am doing anyway, and I know that everyone gives their best shits of the week to know about them.

Plus it’s easier than exercise. Unless if you do easy exercises, like I do.

I went to WordPress and tried to create an account with this name, but someone else took it. WTF?!

As it turns out, I took it. So yeah. It was destiny all the way.

So I present to you!!!

Writing, Whining, Wining, Winning, Watching….umm Wrecipe, Wrestaurants, Wreading Wreviews.


Ok after topics started coming together, it was alliterative for a while, but started falling apart. This is my way of preserving consistency, expanding the terribly incorrect 3W’s which we were all taught, so to all you former teachers of mine,
reap what you have sown!!

Just calling this braintomahawk is ‘easier’ though. All of those w’s might make you think this is a typical web page. Also this is how people* know me. *Maybe 3 people. Ok a few more. A FEW.

The topics in more detail.

Writing – Writing ideas and goals. From twitter updates, this blog, short stories to big ones, Day in the Life entries and letters to various people/places (see next)…

Whining – Writing letters of complaint, or even commendation. Who I write to and why. Will update with responses as they occur.

Wining – The wines I drink. How they are. Beers, ales and cocktails will be included. Maybe I should have said wasted. I still have incredibly low tolerance . Come, join me as I raise it!

Winning — I used to be really good at winning contests. Now I am lucky to get free samples. I would have called this category wishing, since that’s what we do to win. Also it reminds me of the old adage “Wish in one hand, shit in the other, then tell me which fills up faster.”

Watching – Making use of my Netflix subscription, I watched a ton of movies last year but didn’t bother to write them down. Now I will. From classics to trashy B movies, I’ll touch every category.

This is where Word starts underlying in red–

Wrecipes – New recipes, and some traditional favorites. Pictures may be included, maybe a video.

Wreading – Yes I still wread. I will update my list. The goal is always 50 a year. Unless it’s one of those epic classics, in which case I get a waiver.

Wreviews – What all of the things above are, theoretically, though the details I mention are usually the less important aspects, unless it’s recipes. I don’t post spoilers. And more. Oh so much more. I promise you, you will be looking for more, in either that “Wow I can’t wait until the next time he writes” context or “Geez that’s it?!”, a context I have never heard, at all, in my life. That’s right.

Yes I will work on the format as well…

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