Trifecta Challenge – Lost

Yes I am in another writing challenge/assignment dealie.

This time it’s for the Trifecta Writing Challenge.

The current topic/theme – Lost. In 33 words. No pressure. The word lost can only appear in the title.

So here goes. Wish me luck. Better yet, try out the challenge for yourself as well, if you’re not coming from the site already 😉

Suddenly, Lost
One bump / broken grip / spin/ separation – an alien world. More bodies drift past, spirits looking, grimacing, and moving along. No care but for their own. I am someone’s own, he thought.


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11 responses to “Trifecta Challenge – Lost

  1. love the thought – check your word usage, though. Welcome to the challenge.

  2. It’s interesting. Something that requires more thought and introspection. But you use the word “lost” in the piece. Oh no! Edit that out and you’re golden.

  3. This makes me think of one of those pictures where everything is gray except for one single person who stands out in full vibrant color.

  4. mairzeebp

    I thought this was great and I must have stopped by after you removed lost from the piece. It’s so easy to do that without even realizing. Glad you caught it!

  5. A powerful piece. You got a lot of emotion into these 33 words.

  6. Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this weekend, and thanks to our community for helping each other out. I love the ethereal feel to this piece. I have lots of unanswered questions which only leave me wanting more. Hopefully, you’ll be back on Monday.

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