Trifecta Challenge – Fetch the Holy Hand Grenade!

The Challenge for week 9. — For your prompt this week, we are giving you the first 33 words of a story. You need to complete it with 33 of your own words.

I bolded their part.

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.
She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

Outside, a white and brown crowd hopped awkwardly but intent, enraged but confused, with cold wet pink noses, soft fur tacky with blood. Zombies. Bunny Zombies.

“Just put two bullets aside,” she conceded.


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32 responses to “Trifecta Challenge – Fetch the Holy Hand Grenade!

  1. whoot!!!! zombie bunnies!!!!

  2. Hah!!! Well, that was unexpected – even with the clue in the title!

  3. I like it!! You can’t go wrong with zombie bunnies!

  4. I can honestly say that I did not expect zombie bunnies. Interesting take on the prompt!

  5. Just in time for Easter, too!

  6. Now I have a new understanding of one of my favorite quotes from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Bunnies frighten me.” Well done!

  7. for your information, Zombie Bunnies make great stew.
    you have an interesting blog here.

  8. of Antioch! “With teeth like . . .”

    Oh, I think Monty Python would approve of these zombie bunnies. And Tim would, too.

  9. Now look what you’ve done. From zombie bunnies, into Monty Python, and you’ve gone and dumped me into BUFFY

  10. Oh Dear God – Something ELSE for me to lie awake nights worrying about…

  11. Bunny Zombies!! That’s so cool 🙂

  12. Another post that I already commented on, but . . . My comment’s in the wind. WTH?

    Trying again . . . I love this with my Monty Python loving heart. It’s fabulous, I think Tim would agree.

  13. karen

    Ha ha ha! I particularly loved the part where she tells him to save a couple of bullets. THAT is totally how I would handle the whole situation. I mean seriously? I wouldn’t want to be around for the carnage, ultimately.

    Great play!

  14. Thanks so much for linking up to Trifextra. Remember, this weekend’s entries are being judged by the Trifecta community, so I hope you were able to cast your votes. (There’s still just over two hours left if not!) Winners will be announced with the Monday post. Hope to see you back then.

  15. hahah – you’re right – nothing cute about zombie bunnies

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