Trifecta Challenge – Cold Brain, Warm Hands

This week’s word is: brain (noun)
Third definition–
3: something that performs the functions of a brain; especially : an automatic device (as a computer) for control or computation

Something between 33 and 333 words. I got the limit 😉
Enjoy! Feedback, if you please!

The soldier double-timed it silently through the corridor; not even a squeak from his boots could be heard. Ahead, the hallway was clear, unfurnished, subtle details making it seem as though the corridor was part of a film loop. It would be all too easy to lose one’s bearings, and he had one shot at this.

Diggs, the squad leader, stopped and gave a level fist to the others. If they were even there. The cloakers were good; without a helmet, a slight blur would be all anyone’s eyes and brain registered. He had to assume though; they were his soldiers.

Diggs had stopped beside an unmarked door; the map he was following on the HUD told him this was the place. He didn’t have a GPS link; he and everyone else would know exactly where he was. When your target was the central brain of an AI network, multitasking was their forte.

Well counter-insurgency was his specialty. It was going to be a test of wills.

A small bundle was passed to him by the men who were indeed there; he uncoiled the thin rubber cord and uncapped the camera lens at the tip. There was the minimum amount of space under the door, but the cord, perfectly matched in color to the flat gray door, pancaked flat as it slid under. Diggs grimaced as he slid the connector into his helmet port; it reminded him too much of these fucking machines. The enhanced outfit was tolerable only because of its effectiveness.

The sound of their breathing was almost audible; a low hum made the air vibrate ever so slightly. Like blood flowing through the veins, he thought; I guess we’re the poison.

There was audio as well as video, and the HUD came to life. He shuddered at the sight; it was everything they hoped it wouldn’t be.

The coldest machine still needs a warm hand for guidance. Diggs found himself staring back at a face as shocked as his.


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14 responses to “Trifecta Challenge – Cold Brain, Warm Hands

  1. This prompt does kind of beg you to go sci-fi. It’s not zombie bunnies, but nicely done!

  2. Scriptor Obscura

    Wow, what an excellent story! I really enjoyed this one. In my opinion, you really should be among the top three this week for sure. I don’t know if the editors will pick your story for the top three at all, but you have my vote (if we could vote this week, that is…Sigh…). Great story! Keep up the excellent work. You really should think about continuing this story (but only if you want to, of course), perhaps in future Trifecta challenges. I would really be interested to see what happens next here…

  3. “subtle details making it seem as though the corridor was part of a film loop.”

    Loved this line. Very nice descriptions.

  4. Nice work on this one. But sci-fi zombie bunnies would have been intriguing, too 🙂

  5. This is very chilling and, in its way, very human. Imaginative!

  6. trifectawriting

    Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this week. If you haven’t already done it, you might be interested in clicking on the “Meet Your Fellow Trifectans” tab on our site and introducing yourself there. Hope to see you back on Monday for the new prompt.

  7. This was great, my first time on your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine.
    I’m not a fiction writer and so enjoy the stories of those who do. Missed the Trifecta deadline but may post mine anyway, in poem form, but still a story.

    This one is chilling. “we are the poison,” pulsing through the veins, the hallways, excellent choice of words.

    Now what’s all this crap about zombie bunnies? Drop a link when you comment next time. My daughter is currently storyboarding for a movie called, “Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space…” Amy

  8. Staring back at a face as shocked as his? Did someone find the camera? Intriguing indeed. I love this story!

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