100 Word Song – Waiting on a Friend

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Another writing challenge! Why not, right?!

Lance/MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog runs this 100 Word Song Challenge, a fun and creative way to put your own interpretation on a song. It can be any band, you may or may not know it, so your reaction and thoughts will be tested. Don’t worry you’ll pass it.

Click the link above, watch the video. Here’s what I got out of it.

‘Not much, U?’ The text read.

Huh? I opened the message, and scrolled up to see what/ when I had first texted him. Oh right. Four fucking months ago the timestamp read, right around the holidays. ‘Hey Marc, what’s new? Any plans for NYE?’ He ignored the second question; well it’s irrelevant now. Ok, I’ll humor him.

‘Everything’s good. How’s it going with Linda?’

‘It’s over. She ended it yesterday.’

That explains his resurfacing. Why kick a dog when he’s down though?

‘Sorry buddy. Want to meet for drinks? Let me know. ’

‘Sure… thanks man.’

He didn’t follow up.


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4 responses to “100 Word Song – Waiting on a Friend

  1. Lance

    Oh, how I miss having dude friends. This is why guys are great and suck at the same time.

    greta job using texts to do this.

    welcome to 100 wordsong

  2. ooops! I did not get the link to the music.
    What a subtle and exquisite way to say “no”. The other can’t even complain about hurt feelings. 🙂

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