Trifecta XXVIII / Zombie Bunnies 12 – Setting the Stage

This Week’s word is:

WILD (adj)

3: a (1): not subject to restraint or regulation : uncontrolled; also : unruly
(2) : emotionally overcome ; also : passionately eager or enthusiastic

We return to the action of Zombie Bunnies…

The limo ride through battle- worn streets was tense enough to make Emma’s jaw ache, as she sat alongside Richard and two generic ‘suits’. They were leading an entourage that included several trucks and a full length bus, each pristine and boldly emblazoned with the EM logo.

“This zone was affected worse than Delta,” Connar explained. “Though the epidemic didn’t originate from this facility,” he stole a quick glance at Emma, who met it with flaming meteoric daggers, “It was the first field research laboratory the government set up.”

The government presence was notable, as the bunny and civilian corpses were suddenly replaced by soldiers’ bodies and equipment. As they drove past a wrecked checkpoint, Emma looked through the tinted window and noticed McMuscles standing nearby watching them, a high power rifle slung over his shoulder, and shells (walnut and bullet) strewn around his feet.

* * *

A thick stack of printouts was waiting on a desk in the office Emma was assigned to. After a short restless nap on a military cot, she had begun to leaf through them, when there was a bustle at the door and two men barged in; a young man in khakis, EM-logoed polo shirt and headset, and another whom she recognized and loathed immediately; TV host Donald Carcharias. “Why is her room larger than mine?!” Donald seethed to the other, without acknowledging Emma. “This is unbelievable, I… well hello dear!”, he switched his tone and smiled as Emma approached. She took his outstretched hand, meeting the wild demeanor emphasized by his veneered grin and saran wrapped forehead, with some leftover daggers, wishing she had those bullets instead.

“So sorry we missed each other earlier,” he apologized, “but…”

“Mr. Carcharias, what the…”

“Emma, please! Call me Don!”

Fuck. You. “Mr. Carcharias, why are you here?”

“Ehhehe… feisty, huh? Well, I guess Dick knew our personalities would clash perfectly.” He glanced at the printouts. ”I see you have the script- keep reading. They want us ‘on set’ in twenty.”


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11 responses to “Trifecta XXVIII / Zombie Bunnies 12 – Setting the Stage

  1. I’m disturbed to say that as I clicked through the link to this page, I actually said to myself “Mmmmmm, bunnnnies….” I think this zombie bunny thing is doing something to my brain! (Mmmmmm, brainnnns….)

    I like the little touch of shells, walnut and bullet.

  2. Haha! I love TV personality Don Carcharias! Why is Emma’s room larger indeed! . . . .walnut and bullet shells LOL! 😀

  3. I fear this duo is already heading for a breakdown. Too bad about those shells indeed. She could have at least spit walnuts at him.

  4. Somehow, I have a feeling that what originally started as a purely fun and adrenaline piece is becoming a satire.
    The writing is entertaining and the dialogue is crisp as usual.

  5. I hope you take this in the positive way it’s intended — Don reminds me of Richard Thornberg, the TV reporter in Die Hard. Of course, Richard only had Nakatomi Plaza, whereas Don gets to cover the bunny/zombies!

  6. Wow, the TV host is a bit of a diva! Good for her by not addressing him by his first name 🙂

  7. I’ve said it before, but I love these characters. I love that you started this as just a one-off and that it’s still going, stronger than ever. It’s always a good read. Thanks for linking up.

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