Ode to Dad

Though this is not a Trifextra prompt, I am following the 33 word rule. More like my own idea, especially since I did one for mom (with record visits!), and therein promised my father a dose of my creativity.

You taught me many things:
The awesomeness of Star Wars,
betting exactas vs. favorites,
pointing out people that resemble celebrities,
and an egg in the lasagna mix;
to counter mom’s own culinary traditions.


Summer days (1990), Yankee Stadium
You, a Mets fan
Me, pinstriped from cap to socks
lugging a (Yankee) bag of snacks
Basement dwellers, barely better than the Red Sux;
You were the All-Star.

Yes, the egg debate is real.
During that time, my dad converted to the Yankee Way


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4 responses to “Ode to Dad

  1. What a nice tribute to your dad – fun and light-hearted. I hope he liked it!

  2. The egg should be with the ricotta?

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