Choose the Adventure!

I have been thinking (yeah I know it just happens) – since all of these official and semi-official writing challenges (such as Lance‘s 100 word song; ideas can be inspired, like Ms. ODNT’s brilliant one, which I entered) around our mutual circles inspire us so much, I should think one up as well! That might be a challenge unto itself, since I would be giving orders instead of taking them. An idea came to me, and I would like to give it a try!

Here’s the deal. I am asking YOU to help build a story! For that I will need a some information, just a few words on each topic:

  1. A character, object or other noun
  2. Another character, object or noun
  3. A location (time or place or both)
  4. Conflict/plot line
  5. Genre (horror, comedy, mockumentary)
  6. Word limit (100-700 words – up to about 1 typed page)

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Together, these can be the criteria for the story. It sounds easy enough, why not throw a twist in there?!

Sure thing! What I will do is, collect all of your suggestions, put them on slips of paper, and by topic, place them in a hat and draw one. That will ensure that the story could be incredibly random, and more fun! The more of you who suggest, the better! It will be like Build-a-Bear except no adorable hats (except the one I draw from). Or better yet, Frankenstory! Which also reminds me that this idea needs a formal name!

A few small rules; topics need to be semi-SFW. You can suggest up to two ideas for each topic. Picking an incredibly random numbers of words within the limits is fine.

Challenge begins…NOW! I’ll take topics until 8pm Sunday night (since is it not yet football season, and I stopped watching the Simpsons years ago). I will do the drawing and post what topics were chosen. I will then post the story by Tuesday morning. (I will set a more concrete time frame soon!)

Make sure to check back – because I’m throwing another in another twist!

This first run was to be an experiment, but I’m going to dive right in. You know what they say, if you dish it out, you better be able to take it. So I am going to pick a second set of topics, and assign it to one of YOU! Eventually, I might arrange it so that everyone who submits a set of topics will be given their own random idea set. The same rules will apply.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


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5 responses to “Choose the Adventure!

  1. This is a fabulous idea. One that I truly wish I had thought of first. (Damn you, BT!) So, that said, I will be the first to submit my answers. It didn’t say where to submit them so I am assuming it must be done here in the comments.

    1. Milo, my cat
    2. A carton of eggs
    3. New York City, 2112
    4. Milo is the last living being on the planet and, somehow using only his paws and cat wit, he must transport the eggs safely to the highest peak of the Statue of Liberty to save the Earth and magically ensure its repopulation
    5. Duh, romantic comedy
    6. 611 (my birthday)

    • I see that you added a line about leaving ideas in the comments. Great … except now people think I can’t read simple instructions.

      Actually, that’s the usually the case anyway. 🙂

  2. 1. A Fijian spy
    2. A photo
    3. Mongolia, 1982
    4. The first digital watch in Fiji has been stolen, and it’s feared they will try to get the pen with built in digital clock as well. Our spy must protect the pen and find the watch before the battery runs out.
    5. Thriller
    6. 531

  3. Sounds like a fun idea! I’ll be curious what you come up with.

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