Hat Trick – Love Will Conquer All

Ok so maybe starting a writing challenge right before going on vacation wasn’t the best idea. What can I say, I thunk it up and put it out there immediately (I am trying to be more spontaneous). After I picked my own details, the ideas swirled in my head quickly, and after some note-taking on different storylines, I churned them into some sweet butter over the weekend.

Just to recap from that entry, my story was to include the following:

Object #1 – Carton of eggs
Object #2 – One Key
Location – Forest
Plotline – Honeymoon
Genre – Science Fiction
Word Count – 531

Enjoy! Also let me know if you are up for another challenge, I may begin another by this weekend.

* * *

When timing was crucial, even warp speed seemed to take forever.

The two intertwined beings barely regarded the swirling aurora. The wonder of the spectacle was a good sell for new spacefarers. Their preoccupation with the mission and time frame added to the dismissiveness. Time was short, the rituals desperate and informal. It would not be much of a honeymoon.

The timer sounded, a gentle beep reminding that they were about to revert to realspace. The light show dissolved, and the expansiveness of space revealed itself, the stars and planets around them floating as particles against the infinite blackness. Their mission, dreams, life were nothing in comparison, but from their perspective in the teardrop shaped ship, there was nothing more important to them than the cargo that was to be delivered.

The asteroids surrounding planet Robar 3-1 were as much a benefit as hindrance. The ship’s scanners were set to maximum, and anything that followed through the warp would be immediately detected, no matter how quickly they could activate stealth cover. As the pair detached from one another, Esquilax watched the reports as they updated on the screen before him. Nothing but huge chunks of metal and rock. Anan slid from her position and moved towards the cockpit door. Each area was separately pressure sealed and she felt lightheaded as the atmosphere rose, then leveled out, bringing her to the storage bay.

The eggs floated in stasis, suspended by force field shock absorbers that would keep them safely sealed, and incubated, even if the ship were damaged. Still, they cringed each time an asteroid bumped into the shields, rattling the hull a little louder each time.

She reached for an egg, her urges to hold just one almost overbearing.

“Don’t move them,” the voice came over the intercom. “Not even one.” Esquilax’s command was firm, but not overly stern. Anan understood. She had only ‘birthed’ them a few standards ago, and watched as, one by one, they were placed in the carton. Just as Esquilax was chosen as her mate, she would never have a role in raising the lives floating in the balance of existence in their own worlds. Not all of them would survive. Each one that lived would be a critical key. None of this was how it normally went, she thought with a bitterness that flashed through her mind. Necessity fertilized the mothers, and what they bore would fill that need, whatever the cost. Certainly she loved them, but the burning in her chest was fueled by something more.

They cleared the asteroid belt and the ride smoothed out. Before them, Robar 3-1 filled their vision, a green and blue mosaic along the planet’s surface. Since autopilots could be compromised, Esquilax guided the ship manually towards the coordinates he had memorized; a secluded forest in the southern hemisphere.

“Is this where it will all begin?” Anan asked.

“It will…for us. This will be the place that legends will speak of. The place where generations will flock to help us flourish again. To begin again.”

“For the others, their stories may be similar. However,” he grinned, fully baring his sharp teeth, “they will also know their end.”


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7 responses to “Hat Trick – Love Will Conquer All

  1. I wondered if you’d be able to pull a story together with those elements. Well, I shouldn’t have doubted 🙂

  2. So, was the challenge fun? It reads like it must have been. I’m impressed by how coherent this all is!

  3. Loved how you incorporated all of those concepts. Not easy, I’m sure. 🙂

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