Better Late Than Never 2: The Odds of Survival Are…

Continuing the BLTN series, here is another Trifecta prompt that I missed out on during the July 4th weekend. It was something almost tailor-made for Zombie Bunnies, but our heros and villains might have a little more time than that before the wascaly wabbits take over completely.

So I went with a little nerd humor. Ok a lot. (Yes as opposed to the high literature of ZB)

For the weekend challenge, we’re playing the ambiguity card again and leaving interpretation up to you. Give us 33-333 words with this as your inspiration:

The world will end in three days.

Meh, I ignored the word limit, since it doesn’t matter at this point, right? Enjoy!

* * *

“Well,” Peter commiserated, as they watched the news of the world’s impending demise, “at least we’re getting more notice than the people on Alderaan.” He and his friends were sitting in a bar they found called ‘Moss & Ivy’. The name was so familiar, it was pointless for them to resist going in.

“Or the Death Stars, particularly the first one,” Kelly added. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Hey even Earth, in the Hitchhiker Series!” Christopher pointed out.

“I don’t think that counts,” Kelly argued, as she sipped from her glass. “They were notified months before, they just never filled out the paperwork.”

“Oh give me a friggin break, we…I mean they, didn’t have space travel abilities to get TO the forms. They didn’t even know about the construction. So they WERE notified last minute.”

As they began to debate their points more animatedly, the bartender stomped over to them, irate. “Listen nerds, the other customers are getting annoyed at your stupid conversations. And no,” he remarked as Peter held up his empty glass, “I’m not making any more of those ‘blue milks’. This is a bar, not your parents’ basement.”

The trio knew they should get out before the sabers started flying. They had a feeling they wouldn’t be able to influence these weak minded people anyway (a notion that made Kelly reconsider her level of Force premonition skills). They got up to leave, pulling their robes on, hoods up so they wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

“Go back home, we don’t need your ComiCon dollars!” one patron berated as they left, the front door shutting out the rest of the taunts.

“I knew it would just be a wretched hive of scum and villainy,” Christopher gloated as they headed down the street.

“Who needs these nerf herders anyway,” Kelly grumbled. “Let’s just go home and put on the original trilogy.”

“Blu-ray?” Peter asked warily. “I know you bought that new box set Christopher, you know, with the pink sabers and blinking Ewoks. Laserbrain.” Feeling irritated (especially since he would likely never sell that stupid set), Christopher gestured to Peter with his thumb and index finger almost touching, while Peter fussed with his lightsaber replica (purple blade for Mace Windu; Peter preferred the Vaapad fighting style), which was snagged on his belt.

Kelly interrupted their argument. “No, I have the VHS tapes, HSF* edition. These don’t even have those stupid interviews beforehand.”

The other two looked at each other and nodded, forgoing their rivalry. Together they headed home, each wondering if the story of Earth would be retold many, many years from then, somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, and thankful that Jar Jar Binks wouldn’t be a character in theirtale.

*Bonus to anyone who gets this reference.


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12 responses to “Better Late Than Never 2: The Odds of Survival Are…

  1. It does seem to be perfect zombie bunny stuff. I like the idea of sitting at a bar when the world is about to end debating end of the world scenarios like Hitchhiker’s.

  2. Okay, I had to Google it, but HSF refers to the original Star Wars where Han Solo shot the bounty hunter. In a later release, it was changed so Greedo shot (and missed) provoking Han to shoot. (All done so that Han doesn’t seem like a bad guy.)

    I liked this story. The conversation and rivalry seemed realistic and I know it was good because I was bummed when it was over.

    • Well researched!
      The splice to have greedo shoot and miss was terribly edited (check out the comparisons on youtube!)

      Thank you very much. I confess I have had conversations along those lines 😉

  3. Damn right Han shot first. And I didn’t have to look that up. That is what we call “character development,” Mr. Lucas.

  4. I actually pondered a moment to realize it was Han Shot First.
    Because I’m as much as a nerd as them.
    Love the HG2G refs though!

  5. I’d admit this is all foreign to me, but then I’d have to admit I’m not a Star Wars fan (or anything relating to that genre), and I’d get booed off your site. So I’ll just say, “Nice job.” 😉

  6. I don’t get the ref, but enjoyed it anyway!

  7. Totally not going to lie: I didn’t get any of the references. Much Googling was done and now I need to do some catching up.

  8. HA! (had to switch brain into “think” position) Great line ““Go back home, we don’t need your ComiCon dollars!”

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