Marrying Money

I found this contest through Ms. ODNT, who found it through Blogher, who are running this contest with Wells Fargo. A contest that pays, in real money no less! Though I have to admit, it seems to be geared towards women. Hints like BlogHer can’t get past this detective. Cash knows no gender though, so I am entering the contest with this entry!

250 words or less, What kind of relationship do you have with your money?

Well not so much the one I have; more like one that has a bright future and happy ending.

Dear Money,

The Families of

Mr. and Mrs. Brain Tomahawk, Sr


The New York State Lottery Commission

Cordially Invite You to Participate and Witness the Blessed Union of

Brain Tomahawk, Jr


The Winning PowerBall Ticket

Prior to the Next Drawing Date

At a Random Corner Store in New York City

To be Immediately Followed by a Reception

At a Recently Purchased Five-Star Restaurant, Then by a Rooftop* Party,

(*of Which the Building Would Also Have Just Been Purchased)

Concluding With a Newly- Acquired Charter Jet Flight to a Tropical Island

Which Will Likely be Procured as Well.

Please RSVP +1, as the Expense of the Bride Price is Twice That of a Single Guest.*

*Powerball tickets cost 2 dollars.


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7 responses to “Marrying Money

  1. Congratulations and Best WISHES! or should I emphasize the “BEST” instead? 😉

  2. Mazel tov! Such a lovely couple. I hope you’ll be very happy.

  3. I would buy you a wedding gift, but you probably already purchased the entire store, right?

  4. I hope you’ll invite me to the reception? 😉

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