Trifextra 27 – The Fool’s Bargain

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge– a fable in exactly 33 words. Not impossible but sometimes people need many more words to learn their lesson!
The mysterious farmer generously ‘exchanged’ his magical roots with desperate, greedy men,  neglecting to explain that the money tree’s fruit was really iron sulfide. Thus they learned, on two planes, the true price.


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10 responses to “Trifextra 27 – The Fool’s Bargain

  1. Who wouldn’t want desperate, greedy men to get taught a lesson? Great descriptive words and a great fable.

  2. So, if you’re desperate and greedy, stay away from mysterious farmers and just stick with an apple tree. (Nice fable!)

  3. Lance

    I like how you built suspense in just 33 words. Really well executed.

  4. What a coincidence. Iron sulfide is my favorite fruit…

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