100 Word Song – Swing Life Away

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Let’s head to Lance’s blog for the current challenge. 100 words on the video he features; “Swing Life Away”.


“We shouldn’t have to leave,” she protested half- heartedly.

That wasn’t true. Every other apartment on their block had been bought out (yeah how’d that happen to renters?, common logisticians asked). Every store was replaced- the ones they worked at, stole from- the new spots wouldn’t give them the chance for either.

Their small rooms testified bests and worsts echoing off the walls of peeling posters stuck with brittle yellowed tape, foggy Polaroids, coupons on the fridge long expired. Still, the summer sun burned the same through the window.

He filled another discarded supermarket box -“Ouranos Yogurt”- with dirty laundry.


The fact that the video shows NYC, and my own years walking around here, (Plus a little ‘Helene Troy’, Lance) inspiration and a little SoC* were in full control. Like all things- from predator/prey numbers in the wild, fashion, even the success and failure of sports teams- the ‘pendulum’ swings through affluence and decadence in many neighborhoods and cities. The ‘identity’ of many areas of NYC are different from what they used to be; on one hand, they are ‘safer’ and more accessible, but does their character match the influence of the previous reputation? Will they be the birthplaces of new ideas and expression to influence the world around them as well?

*Stream of Consciousness


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3 responses to “100 Word Song – Swing Life Away

  1. I LOVED this song when it first came out a long time ago…loved this!

  2. It is hard to fathom an entire block of people displaced.

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