Trifecta 38 – Zero Hour 9am

The Word of the Week is: HOME:
3. a : a familiar or usual setting : congenial environment; also :the focus of one’s domestic attention
b : habitat

A couple of things beforehand – first, I appreciate every one of your congrats/comments on my ‘bronze medal’ for the Trifextra. Thank YOU! I wrote it during a relaxing weekend, the sober part at that!

Secondly, this entry was partially written for another prompt which I missed, which you can tell by the ‘flight’ idea. However, there was an aside mention of HOME, which inspired me to complete it. Trifecta, is there anything you CAN’T do?!


“Attention passengers; Virgin Galactic flight 1 is now ready to board.” As the passengers gathered their things, a steward waited stoically at the gates with a clipboard; considering the amount of political, social and cultural figures that were taking the voyage, and their mission, he should have been starstruck. In fact, when Alec Baldwin cut the line, he didn’t call security; it was critical that he make this flight.

Snooki found her seat, climbed up the stepladder, and fastened herself in the carseat. Behind her, Linsday Lohan and Nadya Suleman argued over the window, as Levi Johnston peeked between the seats. Fred Phelps had requested the furthest seat on the right, and was directly across from Kathy Griffin.

All luggage space was reserved for every copy of 50 Shades of Gray every printed. Nevertheless, Ted Nugent repeatedly tried to wedge his hunting bow into the overhead compartment, until it finally snapped. Glenn Beck ignored the ‘no smoking’ sign.

Twenty minutes after launch, the small televisions on each seat blinked on. The intercom, which Honey Boo Boo had been trying to sing into, cut off. The steward appeared on the screen.

“Thank you all for being a part of this voyage, which was generously funded by a benefactor. Their goal; to benefit all of humanity, by looking to the stars for that future. Pun intended,” he added. “Your individual talents made you all obvious choices for the creation of a utopia humanity can finally call ‘home’.”

“How long will this take?” Baldwin interrupted.

“It has already begun.” The screen faded to live images of a planet. Blue skies were everywhere. Each scene showed smiling, healthy people conversing and assisting one another in farming food, building homes, taking care of children.

“But how did this happen before we got there?” Beck asked.

“This,” the steward voice stated, “is what happened to Earth, the minute you took off. Your new home is coming up.” Those with window seats suddenly noticed the barren asteroid looming closer.


In case you were wondering who the benefactor is, I would tie it in with this post.


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23 responses to “Trifecta 38 – Zero Hour 9am

  1. This story makes me all warm and tingly inside. I can’t stop smiling or skipping.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How did you find me? I love your blog 🙂 You’re very creative. (I have a Fifty Shades Post planned for tomorrow you don’t have to have read the book) I am going follow you 🙂

  3. Oh, that was a great read. Very clever. I suspect it left all of us nodding our heads in agreement. 🙂

  4. I have a big grin on my face after this.
    Made me think of Douglas Adams and the Golgafrinchans (and I’m amazed I remembered their name!)

    Fortunately, no one will catch any diseases when that group leaves.
    There will be more flights, right?

  5. Bwah ha ha haaa! Sweet justice. Loved it

  6. This was fun and a great response to the prompt, even if slightly unintentional!

  7. I like this! Please tell me Kim K. (and her entire family) will be on an upcoming flight. Pleeeeeaaaaaase?

  8. Ha! I must say, just reading about that plane load made me claustrophobic.

  9. This piece made me so happy. I’d like to nominate Rush Limbaugh, all of the Real Housewives and Charlie Sheen for the next flight. Thanks for playing along. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  10. Hah! I was getting suspicious when you put Snooki and all the rest in this same flight. 🙂

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