Signs Of The Times

Since signs are put up to inform us, sometimes we need to give a reply, or challenge their one-sided orders. Other times, we are speechless. Here are a few that I have come upon in my travels around the city.

A more accurate bus schedule. The sloppiness of the writing really captures the rage.

Apparently Richie is more hazardous than asbestos, quick-dry cement and/or falling steel beams. If you absolutely have to be near Richie, always wear your goggles.

A sign on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Mmm Tacowiches! Doesn’t matter though; when you are in CI, why get anything other than a Nathan’s hot dog?

Another sign directed towards the MTA. The anger is supplemented by emoti-glyphics. No love for the Q train huh? The Q and N run along the same line anyway through Manhattan; this person obviously needs the N to Astoria, Queens. Or it’s just a general bitterness, which is completely understandable.

A glove that someone lost, which was carefully placed in that position to be (hopefully) found if its owner retraced his steps. Then again, he might come upon it, and seeing that his glove is giving him the finger for losing him, might get in a huff and say “Well, if that’s the way you feel, I don’t need you or your partner!”, and then throw the other glove at it, which would work out for someone who needed gloves badly enough to overlook the anger/abandonment issues that these gloves have. (I just said gloves 6 times, including right now.)

As with each day, not EVERYTHING I see is negative. For instance, one of the various notes scrawled on the Brooklyn Bridge scaffolding.

Its a hot and sunny Friday, so why not. I indulged the sign. Hopefully, you did as well!


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7 responses to “Signs Of The Times

  1. Those are great! I love the glove. And I love that my last sentence just rhymed. 🙂

  2. visitingmissouri

    I think it’s funny how the ‘smile’ signs actually works, while the other signs just leave you wondering.

  3. Oh my favorites are when they correct someone’s grammar.

  4. These were pretty good. I think most of them are signs of frustration 🙂

    That taco sign with a picture of a sandwich (burger?) cracks me up!

  5. That bus schedule sounds just about right. Thankfully I only ever take the M14 and the M34 and they both run often enough that the fact that they pay no attention to the schedule doesn’t much matter. My particular favorite, though is, when a 14A rolls up in a train with a 14D behind it and another 14A behind that. And it happens all.the.time.

    The glove is a nice touch.

  6. As one who takes Chicago’s public transportation every day, twice a day, I found this post fascinating. Instead of a glove, I was once obsessed by a belt that was rested beside the third rail of the el tracks. I saw it every morning for MONTHS. First of all, how did it get there? It was whole, not torn and the buckle appeared fine. Did someone just whip it off while waiting for the Green Line? And it was reasonably pristine for a long time, and yes, I saw workmen on the tracks from time to time but no one ever picked it up. Then one day, it was gone. So yes, your photo of the abandoned and slightly profane little black glove resonated with me.

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