Monday Listicles – Old Skool Supplies

The Monday Listicles for this week: Anything that has to do with school. All I can remember are pencils, books, teacher’s dirty looks. Those were the days. If schools were made to prepare us for the real world, why don’t we still use half this stuff?

10 School Supplies I Wish I Could Take to Work

Keep in mind if I forget to specify, any/all of these items would be in neon colors and/or featuring artwork of Transformers, Pac Man or New Wave/rock bands.

1. Lunchbox. I actually have several useable ones now, but what I would do for my old Pac Man or Dukes of Hazzard one. Metal, not plastic, to dissuade SOME bullies.

2. Lunch…in that box…already made for me. Sure I am self-sufficient, but Moms make it best, right? Yes that was a nod and plug to all you mom bloggers. Your efforts are appreciated, even if you did forget to cut the crusts off. Again.

3. Crayons. 24 pack would suffice, a 64 pack had the built-in sharpener.

4. Trapper Keeper. Sealed with Velcro, you know the contents are safe.

5. Jar of paste. For snackin! KIDDING! Mom snuck cookies in that lunch.

6. ‘Manual’ pencil sharpener. I liked making those little ‘roses’ from turning the pencil juuuust right. Crayons  should not be used in these.

7. Erasers. When shaped as cartoons/toys, they doubled as something to entertain while the teacher wasn’t looking.

8. Tennis/blue/pink bouncy ball. Normally used for recess, I wouldn’t mind a round of “off the wall” during lunch.

9. A joke book. Yes I had many joke books, and they made their way to my bookbag. I think I was independently studying to be a comedian. Jokes these days aren’t just plain funny, they are just sexual or meant to offend (I am not condemning that one bit, in my teenage years I ‘graduated’ to Truly Tasteless Jokes), but let’s give a nod to the ‘clean’ pun once in a while.

10. A watch calculator*. The first Smart device.

*Yes Ms. WWM, you are forever linked to these by me.


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15 responses to “Monday Listicles – Old Skool Supplies

  1. I miss the old green canvas knapsack.

  2. Had forgotten about the pencil sharpener “roses” – some kids were true artists….wonder if they are carving those large wooden totem bears now?

  3. You’ll be happy to know I always remember to cut the crusts off my kids’ sandwiches. Probably because I like them that way, too. 🙂

  4. I bet you used up your pencils quickly.

  5. I say you should take that metal box to work. Keep it full of erasers, glue, sharpeners, and crayons. People at work will think it is the coolest and probably try to copy you!


  6. Do you know those old skool sharpeners that you could attach to the side of a table? I miss that. We had one at home, it was awesome.

    Okay, I may have been slightly obsessed with sharpening pencils, as a kid.

  7. Ah, the Trapper Keeper. Do kids still use those?

  8. I loved Dukes of Hazzard and metal lunchboxes are the best! Nothing makes me happy like a brand new box of sharp crayolas!

  9. Love this list. I still sharpen my B2 pencils old school style. To see how long it will go on before breaking and for the crisp sound the sharpener makes against the wood. Long live neon 😉

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