Signs of the Times II

I appreciate that you all enjoyed the first installment, which kept me thinking and looking for some more things that define the city, how I see it, and the way we work off each other, good or bad.

Sometimes, I don’t even need to step out of my house to get a sense of the absurdity. If the 24 hour power is so good, why do I need it twice a day? When something says 24 hours, I assume it means one dose, swig, grenade or brrraaaiiinnsss. I get the idea, I just wish they had put some inferences in there, “24 hour protection IF you use it twice a day” and not just that asterisk. That might require a bigger label though, which is not very eco-friendly of me. Also they are assuming you understand that ‘twice a day’ means every 12 hours and not twice in the same hour, and yelling “DONE!” in the bathroom, which may make people think you cleared the pipes for the day (and used the spray), and are good for THAT for the next 24 hours.

There’s a strip mall in the area I grew up in. It was built in the 70’s and pretty much every store has changed, along with the signs. Logos, chain stores of every product from shoes, video rentals and as you can see by Golden Krust, specialty foods. The signs USED to be generic: ‘Pharmacy’, ‘Stationary’, ‘Cleaners’, ‘Law Office’ (which actually is still there). However, ‘Pizza’ I am happy to see, still is there, old style sign and all. It brought me back to my childhood, going there at lunchtime with friends during my elementary years. I didn’t just take a photo, I went in (the pizza slice on my front page is from there). The people behind the counter were different, so maybe the family is hiring others, but that stove was exactly the same. So was the slice. It really brought me back and is still what I gauge a slice by.

The bathroom wall of a bar/club in the NYC. Won’t say which one, since really, this could be any and every of the thousand. Wise words, proclamations, and affirmations are scrawled everywhere, even in spots some would consider unreachable. This one stood out for me. Everyone truly is a winner.

A corner in lower NYC/Chinatown. Get the message? Good.

Somebody loves ya. Somebody besides Ms. LV. Always good to know.


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8 responses to “Signs of the Times II

  1. Awww everyone loves you Brian. I feel like singing

  2. Ha ha! I loved this post. You’re kind of like the Andy Rooney of New York. And why oh why did they say 24 hours! Maybe they’ve been sniffing too much toothpaste! And it is nice to go into a store that really hasn’t changed that much since we were kids! It’s like a little mini journey to the past!

    P.S. And that Love Ya actually looks like my writing too! HA! 😀

  3. I know I’m over-thinking it, but the toothpaste bugs me. If you use it twice a day, everyday, it’s infinite protection, isn’t it? (Well, until we die, then it doesn’t matter.) Here’s an idea. Why don’t they just put “12 hour” protection? I think everyone knows they should brush at least twice a day. And we can all tell those who don’t!

    BTW, the pizza looks awesome 🙂

  4. mairzeebp

    I loved the photo with the music note. I got the message loud and clear and I whole heartedly agree :).

  5. Ha! I love that bit of Chinatown graffiti. How great.

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