Ketchup With Us #2 – I Think We’re Alonely in My Dreams

olddognewtits.comThe Dynamic Duo-esses, Ms Mel and ODNT, stoked off the success of their first prompt, bring us another inspiring question of thinkitudiousness:

‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt#2: Tell us in 57 words or less about your biggest celebrity crush from childhood. Or, you know, now. Either way.


My two boyhood crushes were Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Luckily my older sister bought their music, but I really just cared about the Tiger Beat covers they graced. During the 2000’s, they appeared in Playboy (IMO: Tiffany had the boobs, Deborah had the bod). In 2011, they completed my fantasy in MegaPython vs. Gatoroid with a catfight.



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12 responses to “Ketchup With Us #2 – I Think We’re Alonely in My Dreams

  1. That’s twice this week you’ve made me laugh! You are too funny.

    Oh my goodness. I used to BLARE their songs in my room and dance around like a crazy woman. I didn’t know they did Playboy. Interesting. 🙂
    Was that movie on SyFy where they did the cat fight? I bet it’s special effects were stellar, as all SyFy movies are. Yet, you’ll still catch me watching MegaShark! Can’t pass it up.

    Thanks so much for linking up, BT. Always a pleasure.

  2. I LOVE your entry. Loved it. And I will admit to being a Tiffany fan. Honestly, she was the Pepsi to Debbie’s Coke. I seem to make the B choice a lot. Except with actual Coke. 🙂

    Great job, BT. Thanks for linking up!

  3. This is funny! I liked their music (I think my older brother liked them) 🙂 I have to say, I thought Debbie, sorry, Deborah Gibson was more talented. Didn’t see the Playboy pics (thank goodness) so I’ll take your word for it on those.

  4. I remember seeing both of them in concert when I was a kid! I used to want to look like them.

  5. I remember Tiffany got popular doing mall tours and I always hoped she would come to my mall in the middle of a corn field. No such luck!
    p.s. SO funny they both did Playboy AND you checked them both out.

  6. hahaha i had their posters on my wall too! i loved them too! they were awesome!

  7. Lance

    I’m a little older than you so these two missed my window. dudes your age that i know argue over these two. good job

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