Trifextra 34 – Game On!

This weekend’s challenge is:
Describe something that is three different things at the same time.  Oh, and do it in 33 words.  Structure your response however you want; it doesn’t have to mirror Mr. Gaiman’s form.  Feel free to leave us guessing.  Just make it your own, and make it good.

The Atari Game System:

It was a state of the art gaming experience.
Then it was obsolete, not fit for a landfill in Mexico.
Now it’s ‘old skool’, still fun and PC compatible!


I still have my collection in a closet (I dug it out of storage a few years ago. No I haven’t hooked it up to a big screen TV. Yes, ET is there. Joysticks are broken, paddles are ok. Manuals are crisp and new.

Will put it on eBay soon. Unless you’re makin’ an offer 😉

Now they all fit here.

On 2 CD’s we have 155 games between them,
with manuals, commercials, prototypes games and even mp3s.
Sure looks like it takes up less space!



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23 responses to “Trifextra 34 – Game On!

  1. LOL I love that you still have those. I bet they will be worth something some day.

  2. This was fun, and I love “not fit for a Mexican landfill”. Haha!

  3. Sometimes old is fun. My boys love to play my old Super Nintendo system. Of course, they make jokes about its “age” all the time, but they still like it.

  4. unevenstevencu

    i’ll give you $500 firm – uh just kidding – long live pong

  5. Cool – I like the not fit for the landfill part. That was funny.

  6. It’s fun for a short time, and then the graphics…. but in a few months, it’s fun again!

  7. of goodness. I remember when I was a kid, my dad had one of those. I was not allowed to touch it. I would love to play one again.

    • Sorry you weren’t able to enjoy it much – we all were hooked. my parents had a pac man rivalry, everyone had different favorites.

      Those CDs are exactly the same games, and you can score them cheap. They sell ‘joysticks’ with games included but are about 20-50 bucks each.

  8. We had a ColecoVision, but I remember playing Pong on my aunt and uncle’s Atari. That was high-tech back then 🙂

  9. Le Clown

    Brain Tomahawk,
    As a fellow blogger, kudos.
    As a fellow [vintage toy ] collector, I’m envious.
    Le Clown

  10. Ah, the contributions of hipsters to modern society! All that which was uncool can now be cool again.

  11. Wow, bt, good stuff!
    We had an Atari 800 because my dad wouldn’t let us get something that was just for playing games. He used to use it to write programs in Basic…hilarious! I could tear up some Centipede on it, though.

  12. We are such kids of the 80s. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the Atari system (though I did play with friends’), but was stuck with the bankrupt Texas Instruments. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  13. Holy Cow! I hadn’t thought about an Atari in a long time! We had one of those AND the old TRS-80 (? All I remember that thing being called was a Trash-80). Nice job bringing back a great memory.

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