Trifextra 35 / Zombie Bunnies – A Cold Burning

On to the weekend challenge. This week we’re again asking you to stand on the shoulders of another writer. But this time that other writer is you. Take one of your former Trifecta or Trifextra 33 word entries and build upon it with another 33 words. If you are new to the challenge you can use a Trifextra entry from one of the other community members, with their permission of course.

The first part, with the prompt, is here: The Setting Sun (Will open in new window). This is Allen’s POV at that same moment.


Isolation shadowed Allen’s departure. His sister, a hostage. His girlfriend, a plot line. His sidekick, too conflicted in loyalties. The clearest relationships were with his enemies. Allen was going to make them closer.


Interested in the Zombie Bunnies story? Keep reading!


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13 responses to “Trifextra 35 / Zombie Bunnies – A Cold Burning

  1. Gina

    Certainly plays out like a movie fro Allen’s POV. A tricky drama, for sure. Clever going from each person’s view. Always two sides to a story!

  2. Sounds like a soap opera back in the day – 2:59 on a Friday and you had to wait all the way to Monday to see what was going to happen.

  3. Allen doesn’t seem to have a good support network, to say the least. And now, he must deal with his enemies, a la, the Godfather. A lot of suspense here. I’m ready for the next installment!

  4. Great addition. This is getting to become quite a story.

  5. “His girlfriend, a plotline.”

    My favorite. If you hadn’t returned to one of these, I would have been disappointed, BT. 🙂

  6. Frelle

    Great suspense!! Your writing is fantastic, such a unique voice.

  7. You set this up well for future installments about just how he will make his enemies closer.

  8. Love how you cranked up the tension with that last line!

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