In my efforts to get the word out about BTdotcom, and the Zombie Bunnies idea, I spoke with a friend who is quite interested in my ideas. And yes I told her about you. Yes, YOU. *points to you*

She’s willing to put time and effort into it all. On one condition.

I write something about porcupines.

The Trifecta Challenge this week doesn’t help me out. I will not write about Death and porcupines. I only slaughter zombunnies, thankyouverymuch.

Lance’s 100 word challenge would be based on a song, and it’s not “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver”. At least not this week.

Something quick and easy shorter, more funner…

Wait a minute! El Guapo would know what to do.
So, a limerick!

There once was a porcupine
Who had a receding quill-line
He found applying Rogaine
Caused his paws quite some pain
So he bought a cheap wig made with pine

In the throes of inspiration I also channeled Clown On Fire, wiiiiith, a Haiku.

Hug a porcupine
in cartoons, your stomach sprays
when drinking water.

And to round this out, these two fine fellows are currently supporting many causes, including Movember.
Rather than give a lengthy explanation or interpretive dance, a limerick should dictate the ‘rules’ quite clearly.

For one month, do something brash
Grow yourself a thick hearty mustache
Rollie Fingers, Fu Manchu;
They got nothin’ on you!
Your plumage will help raise some cash.


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16 responses to “Bristling

  1. Yeah! I love the slap-happy feel of these pieces. 😀 I think you can put Porcupine and Death together though – something along the lines of Death by Porcupine. 😉

  2. I was about to ask if you’d be growing a mustache for Movember but…maybe I won’t ask. I’m tempted to try the mustache thing though.

  3. You are a bunch of talent! I love your proficiency with manipulation of words! 🙂

  4. I’m glad the porcupine lives. The receding quill line was hilarious!

  5. Those are hilarious — but I would have enjoyed reading Death and The Porcupine too!

  6. Some people believe that porcupines can shoot their quills (it’s not true) so, maybe a Rambo type porcupine goes for Zombunnies?

  7. PS. These were great porcupines. A limerick? That’s so awesome.

  8. I’m with Annabelle. Let’s have Death and The Porcupine. Consider it formally requested.

  9. mairzeebp

    Man, I’m always such a sucker for a Haiku :).

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