Trifextra 40 – Write…Now!

For this weekend’s challenge, in honor of all of the writers throwing rationality (and perhaps sanity) to the wind and writing til their fingers bleed, we’re asking for exactly 33 words about why we write.

Why would I ever pass on the chance for this type of reference?! Sure I had to change it a bit, but it captures the essence of creativity for me.

As “Bleedin’ Gums” Murphy (sort of) put it,
“Writing is a fire in your belly that comes out of your fingers, so you better stick a keyboard in front of ‘em.”


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20 responses to “Trifextra 40 – Write…Now!

  1. Well said. Too bad those of a different century didn’t have the luxury of a keyboard. I might not feel the same about writing if I had to do everything by pen and there was no such thing as a Word document or Scrivener. 😉

  2. Love that! And so glad I have a keyboard. Anytime i have to start out with a pen, it’s really hard to transcribe when the time comes.

  3. Draug419

    I think there are fires in my head and heart too (:

  4. You have a Wild West drive to write..:) This is a very cool post, and I tried the challenge myself.

  5. Wonderful imagery. Definitely a fire needing to be quenched, or shot out like a flame-thrower.

  6. Interesting that some other entries refer to pens for this prompt, since my mind went straight to a keyboard. Great post–it certainly made me think about the changing ways of “writing.” What’s the way of the future? Voice activated typing/writing?

  7. You’ve sparked my imagination. What if cavemen had keyboards? No more dark ages?

  8. Awww, crap. I missed it. LOL yours was good, though.

  9. Creative way to put it. I wonder what would happen in the absence of a keyboard?

  10. kelihasablog

    Good idea, sorry I was too late… LOL

  11. gene3067

    I like it!

  12. Fingers on fire! It totally works.

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