Ketchup With Us #5 – Lingering Spirits

Tell us a ghost story, real or fiction, in 57 words or less. Ketchup With Us

The holiday is over, sure, but you still have plenty of Halloween candy left. If you dig to the bottom of the loot bag/bucket, you might still find a spooky story to share with us. It’s either that or the peanut butter cups.Ms Mel and ODNT want to know it! Possibly to re-enact with stuffed animals. Possibly to draw . Possibly to tell their kids.

Here’s my story. Is it real, or fiction?


I tossed and turned as the thunderstorm passed with a last rumble in its wake. Opening my eyes, I sensed the ghost above me taking those dreams, shifting in the breeze as it dissipated through the ceiling. Just part of the dream, I thought, suddenly noticing my cat staring unflinchingly into the spot where the spirit escaped.



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10 responses to “Ketchup With Us #5 – Lingering Spirits

  1. Mel

    Eeek! Animals are perceptive. I guess this night be fact?

  2. Being Milo’s owner, I loved that one, BT. I could visualize the whole thing. It’s often also how I learn that there’s a roach in the room. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. Oh, I hate it when I convince myself something was imagination and the pets prove me wrong (unless of course, they have the ability to crawl into my imagination to see what I do. In which case, that would be creeper than the ghost.)

  4. kelihasablog

    57 words or less… oh shoot. I’m way to talkative for that… I may try, depends on how the voting goes…

  5. gene3067

    Ooh. Good!

  6. Scary!! 😉 I’m not a talented writer…wait! I’m not a writer at all, so… I will let the pros to handle these stories 🙂

  7. ohh That would be freaky! great work!

  8. I swear I’ve seen animals do this. Freaky!

  9. mairzeebp

    Sometimes my cat Charlie does the same thing. It creeps me out especially when she’s looking so intently just past my shoulder. I always hope it’s a big can of tuna fish she’s conjuring but it’s probably a spirit she’s trying to conspire with to help her encourage me to purchase said tuna :).

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