Trifextra 51: The Fittest to Survive

We want you to choose one of the pictures below and give us a 33-word response to it. Your responses will be judged by the community this weekend. If you use the photo on your blog, you must include the attached accreditation (with active links)

I was inspired by this one:

ZeroOne / / CC BY-SA


Despite every car, kick, insult, barbs and broken glass designed to maim/ kill, still you persevere. Dropping the occasional poop- bomb does well to remind us who truly defines and rules this city.



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32 responses to “Trifextra 51: The Fittest to Survive

  1. Behold our feathered masters. Kings of the urban jungle!

  2. jwilliams057

    The strongest survive.

  3. Remember folks, they know an expensive suit when they see one. Prepare to duck and cover!

  4. Just when we think we’re in charge of the universe. Surprise attack!

  5. Cobbie's World

    Well there you go! First time I’ve ever read a poem with the words, “Poop bomb” in it. Thanks for bringing something new into my life…I think…..:)

  6. They tolerate us very well. Nicely done.

  7. 2old2tap

    Why, yes! Yes they are, well done.

  8. Yes, pigeons rule the City. I guess poop will be a theme with this pic as my post dropped in the same direction.

  9. Draug419

    Tough little birdies (:

  10. Pigeons do rule the city. No amount of barbed wire on roof tops will stop them from congregating to plan their attacks.

  11. gotta admire their survival tactics!

  12. Indeed. What would NYC be without its pigeons?

  13. Love this. Great job with the prompt.

  14. There’s no effective way to retaliate against them, so the pigeons will always win!

  15. Ah, a nugget of truth about real New Yorkers: the pigeons and rats.

  16. So true!Loved this realistic piece about our feathered friends:-)

  17. They say the insects rule the earth. I tend to agree with you instead.

  18. Poop bomb. Excellent. I’m going to use it in a sentence no less than three times this week.

  19. Those in charge always want to dump their crap on us little people. 🙂

  20. Fabulous view, and a worthy candidate. That photo is simply amazing! So many perspectives in one…

  21. hey Brainy-ack…that reminds me…come read A Little Birdie Told Me (in my sidebar) for more thoughts on “poop bombs”..:)

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