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Ketchup With Us #12 – To Serve Manly

Ms Mel and ODNT are exotic, intoxicating, and make life more interesting* – and they want to know In 57 words or less, tell us about the best drink you ever had. Recipes and pictures are encouraged. Ketchup With Us

Though there are some memorable drinks I have shared with some of you, this story stood out for. Back before I had favorite wines, brands of Gin, or dedicated time to extensive ‘research’ for cheap strong drinks at any divey place the best happy hours (plural), I would just drink whatever wines were available, or if cocktails were insisted, a Malibu Bay Breeze.

I can confirm that this happened once; a second incident is… sort of hazy.

Bartender– Measure Malibu Rum, OJ, and pineapple/ cranberry juice in a glass with ice. Stir. Loudly exclaim, “Here’s your MANLY drink, sir!”, so that all can mock and jeer (they are friends/ family and will not).

Drinker– Take the drink. Order another. Insist on getting everyone else’s drinks during the event. Leave nothing as a tip.

*I left out the full-bodied innuendo. This is a family blog**.

**No it isn’t.


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Trifextra 54: Fail-Safe

We want you to scour through your favorite pieces of literature and give us the best 33 words you can find.Some quick guidelines:

  • The writing you choose should not be your own.
  • The 33 words should be lifted directly from another source (i.e. don’t take 33 random words from Macbeth and shake them into a poem of your own (though that would be an awesome idea for another challenge) and don’t take a sentence from the beginning of a book and another from the end–keep the original order).
  • Credit your sources.
  • You can’t use the same 33 words as anyone else in the linkz. Skim through before posting your own. You can use the same author and even the same title, just not the exact same words

I took this excerpt from “Fail-Safe” by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler. Published in 1962 (a movie was made in 1964), it deals with the Cold War (during the Cuban Missile Crisis in fact), but the description…


They were caught in a fantastic web of logic and illogic, fact and emotion. No one seemed completely whole. No one could talk complete sense. And everyone was quite sincere.



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Trifextra 53: Zombie Bunnies – Leveling the Playing Field

For the weekend prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words of dialogue.

Each and every week I think about how I can get more Zombie Bunnies in on this. There’s plenty of dialogue (but I am working more bunnies into the story). Anyway, the story is a little further along, and some of the characters are hatching a plan.


“I’ll set off the bomb with this detonator.”

“This is an old game controller.”

“Yeah I made some… modifications.”

“Can this get us 30 more guys, y’know, backup?”

“Haha! Sorry, no cheat codes.”



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