Trifextra 53: Zombie Bunnies – Leveling the Playing Field

For the weekend prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words of dialogue.

Each and every week I think about how I can get more Zombie Bunnies in on this. There’s plenty of dialogue (but I am working more bunnies into the story). Anyway, the story is a little further along, and some of the characters are hatching a plan.


“I’ll set off the bomb with this detonator.”

“This is an old game controller.”

“Yeah I made some… modifications.”

“Can this get us 30 more guys, y’know, backup?”

“Haha! Sorry, no cheat codes.”



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15 responses to “Trifextra 53: Zombie Bunnies – Leveling the Playing Field

  1. That’s one way to level the playing field! 😉 Well done…

  2. Hmm. I bet they’re people out there actually doing this. Cool dialogue!

  3. Draug419

    Obviously he doesn’t know the Konami code. 😉

  4. No cheat code?Aww,that’s so sad!lol!loved this cool dialogue:-)

  5. First I was distracted by the pizza.

    I love the idea of Zombie Bunnies. Amazing. Also, the idea of cheat codes in life, if only for the idea of cloning myself to get more work done.

  6. The best part is that once he said “game controller”, the other references made perfect sense!

  7. Love this! If only cheat codes could be applied to real life… Great take on the prompt!

  8. Great dialogue – especially the last line!

  9. The bunnies are tricksy!

  10. I forgot about cheat codes, great old school reference.

  11. As a gamer I was especially tickled by this!

  12. Heh. Would that life had cheat codes!

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