Trifextra 57: Ketch a Flight

For the weekend challenge we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative. Have fun with it…


Looking back, I realized my decision was too hasty. Too many celebrities, not enough ships. Childhood promises rushed back- I should have been on that ship, to the moon base the 80’s envisioned.


The title reference is to Heinz 57 of course, but this is not my entry for the Ketchup With Us writing contest, which you should also write for.


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24 responses to “Trifextra 57: Ketch a Flight

  1. Not only do I like your Trifextra entry but I also thank you for the Ketchup props. We love Trifecta and would be honored if some of the cool kids came to our party, too.

    My mom just made pizza rolls and the dance contest starts in an hour. Come on!

  2. Always too many celebrities, aren’t there! I liked this a lot, just as I usually like a lot of ketchup!

  3. We all have our regrets. Some dreams never happen if you don’t go for them early.

  4. Andy Kaufman would have been proud. Virgin Galactic is selling tickets now, I think.

    Yeah, and everyone should do the Ketchup thing with Mel and Michele. Oops, haven’t done mine yet! 😉

  5. I had to “look back”. Now I get it – nice tie in.

  6. If you have a few billion lying around, you can still make the trip to SpaceLab or now, to Mars.

  7. There I was trying to be clever, and here you are, succeeding at being brilliant!

  8. Draug419

    What is it about space that attracts childhood dreams? (:

  9. and where is my flying car, durnitall????? 🙂

  10. Me too. I am pissed and where is my flying car? Where is my hover board? Where is my robot slave?

  11. Wow … this is like a dream 🙂

  12. “Too many celebrities, not enough ships” is a great line. You are absolutely right about it, too! Fantastic story. Hadn’t read the Virgin Galactic story until today…….pure genius on your part!

  13. I “looked back” too! Brilliant! There’s a lot I miss about the 80’s and so much I don’t. Big stuff back then.

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