Ketchup With Us #24: Perfect The First Timing

Ms Mel and ODNT want to know about a significant first day in your life … of school, work, parenthood, rehab, veganism, prison, whatever you want – in 57 woids or less. Ketchup With Us

Not only is the timing of this prompt just about perfect, the incident has that element as well πŸ˜‰


August 14, 2003- New job! My boss (also her first day – revamped department) admits she doesn’t get along with computers. It’s a busy day as we set up; later everyone is chatting and she gently bumps my monitor. The lights go out at that instant. β€œWhat did I do?!” Yep, the Northeast blackout – my boss caused it.



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11 responses to “Ketchup With Us #24: Perfect The First Timing

  1. So I can assume that YOU’RE in charge of things now, right? πŸ™‚

    Thanks playing Ketchup, Mr. BT. Now, I know who to call if I have a computer problem. You and/or Guapo.

  2. Mel

    Awesome. Throw her right under the bus. Very funny take on the prompt. Thanks for linking!!

  3. So what happened next –
    A – you mocked her mercilessly?
    B – she told people not to mess with her or she’d do it again?


    Her husband was there, so he did the mocking.

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