Ketchup With Us #25 – By Candlelight

Ms Mel and ODNTare asking about your most memorable birthday, which may be just a way for them to ask your birthday so they can buy (or make, with glitter, paste and racamoni) you a card. Ketchup With Us

I’ve always had fun birthdays. This particular series of events over the course of several days though…takes the cake. Yep I said it!


My birthday May 30th 1998 – I took two finals, aced ‘em. Homemade birthday cupcakes that night. The next morning, I aced another final, power napped, baked an epic batch of PB choco chip cookies, then out to celebrate with friends to TGIFridays and a concert (Garbage). June 1st – I graduated! I arrived late, like a boss.



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11 responses to “Ketchup With Us #25 – By Candlelight

  1. That sounds like an epic birthday week… cupcakes and cookies?! Partying lIke a boss!

  2. I see you’re a fellow gemini. Perhaps we’re the twins they alway speak of. 🙂

    Thanks for playing, BT. Sounds like a fun b-day weekend.

  3. Mel

    This is a fun one. I like how you baked epic batches of cookies while cramming for finals. You are the boss. NICE!

  4. Wow! I’I don’t know if I’ve had a birthday that could match that!

  5. PB chocolate chip cookies? Yeah, I can see how that would help make this BD stand out 🙂

  6. mairzeebp

    Homemade cupcakes make you a boss. Anything homemade with peanut butter make you a boss. Showing up late, makes you a boss for sure (I’m late for everything and still trying to convince folks on this one).

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