Ketchup With Us #29 – Acts ‘n’ Dents

Ms Mel and ODNT want to know in 57 words or less, about your wierdestly1 obtained owwie2. Ketchup With Us

Considering I am a homebody nowhere near a daredevil, nothing too bad, although 65% of all injuries occur at home3.

Every time I burn my mouth on fresh, hot pizza.

I have sustained a cracked tooth from Halloween candy – three times.

Neck/ body injuries from concert crowdsurfing – specifically, people landing on me.

Whenever I fell for someone, stumbled over words, moved too fast or slow, dived right in without checking – every time, my heart got broken.

1not a word. Use it anyway!
2No they will not kiss and make it better, especially if you fell on your butt. Or bruised your lip.
3I made up that statistic. 43% of statistics are made up on the spot.


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8 responses to “Ketchup With Us #29 – Acts ‘n’ Dents

  1. I love pizza, every burn is worth it.

  2. A. I love the footnotes. How’d you do it?
    B. Ditto, Shitastrophy. On the pizza comment.
    C. Three times, BT? Might you have soft teeth? (Give up the jaw breakers!)

  3. Mel

    Oh my word, Man!!! What in the heck? I’m sorry about your broken heart. Remember in the Simpsons when Bart’s heart is ripped out and stomped on? 😦 Point me to them. I’ll send Mags after those silly women!

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