Ketchup With Us #33: The Passed

Ms Mel and ODNT want to know in 57 words or less, or more, anything at all!. Ketchup With Us

I was pretty good with last year’s resolution (and I have 3 receipts from this week to go through), and around two years ago, I found out I had already set this blog in motion. So if anything, the new year is a great excuse to get back into it.

Every year I am healthy, working, respected and not worrying about finances is a better day than a lot of others. However, 2013 took a downward turn on many levels which I will not get into, and I am going to have to work harder to make 2014 more memorable, since a regular pace will not give me the impression of momentum. So, some ‘lofty’ or at least numerous goals, most of which will be documented in this blog, which means more for you to read (yay?!).

The first:
• 120 blog posts  – 1 every 3 days average, very doable. Yes Mr. G, you have gotten used to my in and out on posting, slamming the screen door every damn time  as well. I am sure most of you have. I promise at least some consistency.
Speaking of which…
• Keep up on reading you. Yes, you *Points to you*. I truly enjoy your posts.

• 52 pages of original storywriting (yes this includes the Zombie Bunnies, which has been on hiatus for >6 months)
• 26 writing challenges (which could be done just by Ketching Up, but there is always Trifecta!)

• 52 Books read
• 52 movies watched
• 12 new recipes (not necessarily original ideas)
• 12 new cocktails
• 12 new restaurants
…and reviews of each one of these.

• 12 photo posts (a month in photos-type dealie).
• Meet 12 new people. One way or another. *(I will not review the people, but if we meet in a new restaurant, they/I will review their food/drinks. Which means a new burger joint, Mr G.)
• Meet the most famous and inspiring Ms. ODNT and MelMags, because, if you read them, you want to meet them and the ketchup costumes. Yes you do.

• 2 vacations in which I travel, domestic (I have some ideas – if you have any ideas, I am sure they are to YOUR home town, in which case, name the restaurant that you are taking me to so we can review it!)
• Beat every video game I have started (if this includes anything in the Grand Theft Auto series, it doesn’t mean get 100%, if this phrase means anything to you).
• Be elected to my co-op board (2-3 neighbors are already grooming me to run)
• Be re-elected to the Staff council at work (I am the chair). However, this is voided if I achieve the goal; of a new, better job.
• To whatever point I progress in or complete any/all of these, Enjoy every minute.


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7 responses to “Ketchup With Us #33: The Passed

  1. Love that you stressed the Enjoy Every Minute!
    That’s quite the list of challenges, especially the 52 books. (And let’s face it, 52 movies can be difficult, if they have to be good ones too.)

    Fortunately, we have plenty of burger joints (some of em good!) to take advantage of in our fair city.

    Happy new year, BT, to you and yours, and I bet you knock off everything on the list!

  2. You have a log of goals for next year, but even if you don’t reach all of them, I’d call it a success if you honor your last thought to enjoy every minute. Looking forward to reading more from you in the coming year!

    (By the way, if you are looking for another way to accomplish your 12 photo posts, A Nola Girl At Heart is hosting a brand new photo-a-week challenge. I don’t like linking in comments, but if you want to check it out, there’s a link to her site in my post that I published today…you don’t even have to read the whole thing – her link is near the beginning 🙂 )

    Good luck on everything, BT!

  3. I love this post. And I’m so impressed (and flattered) by your goals. Several points of order:

    – You only meant me when you were pointing to “you.” Right, BT? I mean, well, that’s how I took it.
    – Let’s nudge each other to keep working on those big projects, okay?
    – I so look forward to all of the reviews. Please link them up when you can. Oh, and … by the way … I TOTALLY expect some human reviews. But only the people you don’t like who will likely not know about and thereby not read their personal slams. 🙂

    Very proud of you for such a lofty list. If anyone can do it, you can. Promise me you’ll visit at least one of the 12 new restaurants and raise one of the 12 new glasses with Mr. G for me, will you? And tell him I said hello.

    • Uh yes you, of course! Not Michelle the cow. Though she is also very nice I bet.

      Reviews of humans, I dunno – you’re talking to the guy who gives the pigeons in NYC 5 stars (yes its on yelp).

      Thanks for this comment 🙂

  4. Mel

    I love this list…especially the one about meeting the crazy Ketchup duo. CRAZY!! I keep threatening that I’m going to kidnap M one day. 🙂

    I also am impressed with the writing goals. So doable! Way to go. Thanks so much for all your support. We love having you by our side!!

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