7 Cool Summer Activities – AKA the Ice Bucket List

Ms Mel and ODNT know there is strength in numbers – so write a numbered list this month and they will link YOU up! You have 10 minutes! Ketchup With Us

Will I do them all? Well I already know I don’t have enough time, but as long as I keep hydrated and wear spf 100, I could get through what is predicted as a hot and humid couple of months.

I admit I went way over 10 minutes, but they will forgive me, as I am slightly adored by them.

1. Water-based activities. Well does going rowing in Central Park count? Or Splish Splash? I hear Lazy River Tubing in Harper’s Ferry is fun (even though apparently the coolest family that lived there just moved). Or fishing off the coast of Long Island. I definitely want to get to Montauk by the end of summer. Go to the beach – I’ve been exermasizing, and have a new swimsuit, so off I should go. But I hate sitting out in the sun, it’s boring! So much for solar energy right…right?! (Is this thing on?). At least one day out though, with decent suntan lotion. I am all for safe sunbathing, but I always buy an SPF that blocks out every ray. Like black hole strength or something, so I wind up getting no color at all. Which makes me wonder if I did tan, I should definitely keep the beard, I might wind up with a terrible tan line!

2. Go to the movies. Considering I have already put off seeing Godzilla several times, I should really get my ass to a chilly theater. This is a terrible waste of a perfectly nice flask I have.

Every good Rebel had one.

Every good Rebel had one.

I should note that off-broadway plays, independent music venues, and museums are also well ventilated, and offer plenty of entertainment.

3. Wine tasting. There are tons of vineyards in New York State, but unless you are planning a weekender, I can’t understand enabling people to drive in, drink wine all day and then hop back on the road. Seriously, be safe people. You could always just hit up a local liquor store or farmer’s market for tastings and advice on local and famous brand (just be sure to buy something once in a while!)


                 Summer doesn’t count without this.

4. Fine Dining outdoors. Yes this includes picnics. No, not in Central Park. NYers seem to think this is the only park in existence. Bear Mountain perhaps. Complete with fine wine (but not an all day tasting).  Outdoors also includes poolside or rooftop BBQ’s. I will get myself invited one way or another. I promise not to cannonball (pool not roof!). Ok that is a lie, I will absolutely splash you all. The finest of dining would be a corn/hot dog and cheese fries at Nathan’s. Yes the one in Coney Island – that’s the only one in existence in my universe. And riding the Cyclone. BEFORE the hot dog. I cannot stress that enough.
5. Indoor fine dining – If I want to get fancy pants, a trip out to City Island – I hear the seafood is amazing. Juniors, before it closes and re-opens within the putrid bowels of overpriced NYC housing. Burgers with a buddy (yes, you), is always fine dining, even If the place is a dive or trendy place.


 I’ll be Abel to finish this, not problem.

6. Fireworks. No not doing them – I really miss those days. But a good show, and that they are done every weekend in Coney Island is good. And yes you can eat hot dogs during the show, even though it’s already past 10pm.

7. Baseball! The sport of summer. Major leagues though – forget it. Too far too expensive and too crowded, especially with mass transit. Minor leagues! The Yanks and Mets both have teams around here. Cheaper seats that aren’t half a mile back and lot of fan interaction and fun.

Whatever I do though, I should keep a bottle of water in my pack (on those non-flask days) and a Zamzee strapped to my belt.


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6 responses to “7 Cool Summer Activities – AKA the Ice Bucket List

  1. A. Please. You are more than “slightly adored.” And you know that, don’t you? I said … DON’T YOU?

    B. I opposite of heart sunbathing. Sooo boring. I can think of a million more exciting ways to give myself cancer. Tasteless joke? Maybe.

    C. Godzilla didn’t suck. I was shocked. Plus he was the GOOD guy. Which means my daughter now thinks he’s cute and has a stuffed version of him on her bed. Sell out. (The gargantuan reptile, not my daughter.)

    D. “I cannot stress that enough.” It made me laugh. Which, in effect, means I’m laughing at the idea of you being sick from reversing the order of these two activities in the past. I am a terrible person.

    E. Who lived in Harper’s Ferry?


    Thanks for playing along, Mr. BT. You’re always welcome. Always.

    • A. ww shucks! (see what I did there?!)
      B. Tastes fine to me!
      C, Now I want a stuffed one!
      D. From sight and stories, not personal experience (though seeing it happen makes my stomach turn anyway)
      E. Harper lived there. Apparently owned a ferry as well.

  2. I think my stomach’s getting old (just my stomach; not the rest of me) because the food photo in #3 made it turn a little, and not in the ‘ooh, fun roller coaster’ kinda way 🙂

  3. Mel

    I can’t type because I read your post and laughed so hard. Then I read Michele’s response and laughed harder. Then I laughed the hardest at your response to her response. (I don’t think she was kidding about E) 🙂

  4. Yesterday, the Yanks lost and the Mets won. Would have enjoyed either of those games. 😉

    Great list! Let me know if you want company on any of your jaunts.

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