Ketchup With Us-sie

Ms Mel and ODNTWant to see you as an ‘us’. Not necessarily you and I, just you and who(m)ever else is around. PlUS, USSIE sounds better than selfie. I am not sure, but if you are from Australia, perhaps it’s an AUSSIEUSSIE. In any case, snap and post and link and be adored by US!


Ketchup With Us

Right off the bat, I thought, I can’t have an ussie without GUSSIE!


I should point out, 1. though it appears that way, she did not take the photo.2. though it appears that way, I am not gripping her like a vise.

Next, why not take advantage of dinner with a fellow blogger whom you all know and adore.


I met Mr G. and his TMWGITU for dinner at Junior’s in Brooklyn (the only location I truly acknowledge as existing) since it is doomed to be shut down and later re-inserted (?!) into the overpriced condos that will sully the spirit and memory of yet another NYC landmark. We enjoyed both experiences.

Finally, since I am a Jr., a Three-Pete for you!


MaT and I took my dad (BT Sr) out to Peter Luger (also in Brooklyn) for his 65th birthday last week. Ok, while not an US-SIE (and done in portrait, not landscape), it was a punny thing. 


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One response to “Ketchup With Us-sie

  1. Bonus points for the puny (that’s pronounced PUH-nee, not PYOO-nee) title. I love (love, love, love) the first picture. I totally thought he was manning the camera. So I’m glad you cleared that up for me.

    And Guapo … my dear Guapo …. that you included him here … my first subscriber ever at ODNT … well, you get more bonus points for this one.

    (Of course, these points can all be cashed in for fabulous prizes.)

    And to BT, Sr. … Happy Birthday! I’m sorry I’m a little late. Blame your boy since I’m just now hearing about it. Geez, Jr. … a little notice next time, please.

    Thanks for linking up with Ketchup, old friend. Always love your creativity. Come back and see us on the 15th.

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