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What We Have Re-Sorted To Doing

Ok, the drawings have been done under the supervision of an independent auditor (actually just my 2 assistants who were probably wondering what I was doing snipping pieces of paper and tossing them into a Yankees hat, but who didn’t ask, because sometimes the answer makes less sense than wondering), and here are the results!

TGIM Sue/WubWoo, your Monday just got even awesomer!

A copy of The Stand
Forest, year 2345
Characters (2 additional of your own choice) cuffed together, no phones (cuffs and communication units can be upgraded to your imagined future standards)
Chick Lit
638 words

***I am going to let you adjust yours a bit – if you wish, you can write this under this week’s Trifecta standards, since the word is DINOSAUR. Use the word according to their definition, and word count can be under theirs as well ;). Two birds one stone!

Umm, YOU, that is me, Mr. Tomahawk, your/my challenge is

Tuesday morning in burbs (garbage pickup)
Drabbit tries to assimilate with other, established mythical population
Unauthorized bio
698 words

Ms. MelMag, these items request the pleasure of your writing:

Female High School Basketball Coach
Medieval Times
A piece of junk is actually a forgotten part of history that could change everything
Comedic Thriller
661 Words

Lance, take a swing at this:

Male Exotic Dancer
Atlanta Hotel @ Sunrise
Humanity is wiped out, dinos (you can sub unicorns or fantasy creatures – hell use smart apes if you want!) are the prevailing population. 

555 words.

Deadlines are whenever you get it done. Let’s push for September 4th, since no one ever has anything planned for Labor Day, the last unofficial weekend of summer. Believe me, your brains will churn overtime on these! Just link back to this entry for reference.

Thanks for joining! To all non-participants, a warm round of applause and a link up to each of these brave folks who are doing this for YOU!


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Choose Another Adventure!

Now is as good a time as any to start another installment of The Challenge. Yes it needs a new name.

If you didn’t feel like clicking the link, well here’s the gist of it; leave a comment along with some information (will list it below). I will collate all of the responses by category, and using extremely high-tech methods, form your custom random writing assignment. It may sound tough, but if you block out the part of your brain that forms logic, and concentrate on the adoration we will all bestow on your work, it will come easily.

The first challenge gave us some utterly awesome entries.

Wub Boo Mommy‘s entry, a breakneck paced countdown where the very essence of space and time hung in the actions of one nimble being. Whoa, it was heavy.
ODNT‘s tale of desperation and love in a collapsing society; something between Lucretia My Reflection and Ben.
Oh yeah I did one too. Love will conquer all.

So, if you’re up to the challenge, just leave a comment below with the following:

1. A character, object or other noun
2. Another character, object or noun
3. A location (time or place or both)
4. Brief conflict/plot line
5. Genre (horror, comedy, mockumentary)
6. Word limit (100-700 words – up to about 1 typed page)

Volunteer up until Sunday, August 26th about 8pm EST. I’ll do the drawing and post assignments in a post on Monday – due dates are flexible, you will not be graded. Unless you’re hankering for a gold sticker, or something to hang on the fridge.


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