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Ketchup With Us #2 – I Think We’re Alonely in My Dreams

olddognewtits.comThe Dynamic Duo-esses, Ms Mel and ODNT, stoked off the success of their first prompt, bring us another inspiring question of thinkitudiousness:

‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt#2: Tell us in 57 words or less about your biggest celebrity crush from childhood. Or, you know, now. Either way.


My two boyhood crushes were Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Luckily my older sister bought their music, but I really just cared about the Tiger Beat covers they graced. During the 2000’s, they appeared in Playboy (IMO: Tiffany had the boobs, Deborah had the bod). In 2011, they completed my fantasy in MegaPython vs. Gatoroid with a catfight.



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