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Trifextra XX – Phree Foning

And now on to the weekend challenge. This weekend what we are asking from you is a little bit different (again). Many of you regularly submit fictional responses to our prompts. This weekend we are asking for a bit of your memoirs. We want a real account of a period in your life that can be clearly identified by (wait for it) the number three. Maybe it’s the three decades you spent flipping burgers. Maybe it’s the three seconds you hesitated justifiably before saying “I do.” We’d like for your story to be true-ish, and we’d like for it to be an artistic creation, not just a play-by-play account. Think less “blog post” and more “creative writing.”

Welp, I was inspired by this ‘rule of 3’ buuut it was in the play-by-play account, so while I will link to them in gratitude fo rteh inspiration – I won’t submit my own in the contest. It’s mainly a way to get my (creative) writing back in stride from a well-rested and oh so deserved vacation.

So prepare to be ever so slightly entertained (in 333 words or less) by: My first three (free) cellphones!

I ‘purchased’ my first cell phone in October 2001. Though I had sworn to never own one, I figured after 9/11, I would need a way to contact/be contacted (though the WTC towers held a major cell reception antenna in the city).

So I got a phone, the one that comes free with the plan. I chose VoiceStream, because I had the hots for Jamie Lee Curtis. It quickly turned to T-Mobile and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Free upgrade?!

My phone was basic even for those days. It had the creamed spinach screen reminiscent of Game Boys, yet not as awesome, and I subscribed to text horoscopes. Some years later, I noticed a store selling novelty fridge magnet cell phones that beeped and booped which were my exact model, just gutted and made even cheesier. I had regional coverage, which was good for my lazy no-traveling ass.

So I got a new phone, half the size, color screen and a CAMERA! The pics were low res (disguised on a tiny screen) the buttons were too tiny for my king kong fingers, and stuck frequently. I lost that phone in a movie theater (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly at an indie theater). No one returned it?!

The last free phone was a Razr knock off, which was popular only because people like me didn’t feel like buying the expensive and incredibly frail real one. It was a flip phone and its matte style made it incredibly slippery, prone to obey gravity’s cruel laws, but without breaking. The keys were close enough that dialing usually meant two numbers being mashed at the same time. It dropped calls like hot potatoes too. One day it slipped out of my hand and on to the floor, and was accidentally stepped on, and accidentally kicked into a volcano. Twice.

So now I have the iPhone 4. Useful apps (games), maps which help me get oriented, and about 1000 cat pictures. Yeah, I know… ONLY 1000?!


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Trifextra Sixteen – Mother’s Day

This weekend’s Trifextra is the first of its kind. This weekend we only need 32 words from you, because we’re giving you the 33rd. Your challenge is to write anything you want, in whichever form you please, so long as your response is exactly 33 words and includes the word “mother.”

Good luck! And to those of you women with children who have called, will call, or already do call attention to your natural process of aging: happy Mother’s Day!

Keeping in mind that we are allowed to put up to 3 in an entry, I have some words over 2 short poems that immediately came to mind. These are truly personal, straight from the heart, and yes I will send her the link here, so she knows just how I feel.
Yes, Mom, it’s all out in the open.

You’ve always supported me, mother,
so why not on this?
Dammit that bug we found in Honey Nut Cheerios-
-that was 1981!
I’m older, wiser and over. Plus it may help lower cholesterol!

* * *

Don’t worry mother;
The cats are my ‘kids’,
But you’ll have ‘real’ grandkids some day
You can feed them tuna, on sandwiches!
And the toys you spoil them with
Won’t be catnip scented.

P.S. – Since you probably showed Dad— don’t worry Pop, I’ll cover you on June 17th 🙂


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Write On Edge – Indebted (Cold Brain, Warm Hands ll)

Yeap, I joined another assignment/ contest/ challenge. Why not right? There are two things that inspire me; good ideas and good feedback. Which makes this one stop shopping, and I got plenty of words to spend.

So WriteOnEdge has their own legit thing going, and you should check it out/get in on it, especially if you follow any other challenges.

The theme here is Paying What you Owe. From bills to contracts, oaths, promises and maybe even a judgment from Judge Judy, everybody owes something. Word limit is a healthy 500 woids.

This is a continuation from Cold Brain Warm Hands which I recommend you read the first part to, well first, to see where this action picks up from. The theme inspired this story faster than Zombie Bunnies, buuuut I hope you enjoy it anyway 😉
Feedback is always appreciated!

Diggs didn’t move, but his mind ran through their options, Whomever it was knew what was on the other end of that camera. The mystery man stood frozen, and that was his mistake; Diggs was going to show no quarter here. If he had a post in this place, he was the enemy. The line between their sides was clear.

The other man thawed out and made a move – not to the terminal beside him, where a simple command would set off lights, klaxons and certain death for Diggs and his men. Instead, he stepped towards the door. Diggs signaled, sensing his team getting into position immediately. The agent moved closer, and as Diggs tracked his movement, pulled out a small device and put it to the door. A soft signal in his helmet told him the lock was released. Wordlessly they sprang into action.

It was three seconds before they had the agent pinned up against the wall, the room secured, and the door closed again. Because of the suits, to anyone watching, he was held accosted by phantoms. Diggs continued to hold the hostage while the others studied the computer display and attempted to gain access without setting off any alarms.

“Stop! Stop, I can…” the agent struggled to get his words out, his throat held tight by Diggs. He didn’t struggle too much; smart move, as a quick twist of the wrist would have been quick and easy. He tried to speak, sputtering random words, and Diggs suddenly recognized something he said. He released the man, and tapped a command on his wrist. The stealth suit became visible.

“Sir?” one of the team asked. Diggs turned towards the shadowy form.

“He knows the infiltrator code,” Diggs answered, turning back to the agent, who was lightly exploring his tender neck. “You could have said it before opening the door. Other teams wouldn’t let you get a word out.”

The man spoke, his voice raspy. “Right, I know. I just figured you knew I have been getting you all through since Beta.” He turned on another computer screen, which showed a series of hallways one by one. “All the alarms were put on rotation by me, as soon as I recognized your pattern. I have to admit, you have perfect timing. No anomalies whatsoever; The Brain has no idea you are here.”

“Well thanks, then. Your name?” Diggs asked.

“Dysen. I’m from Alliance Corps.”

“Dysen, we owe you.” Diggs patted the man’s shoulder and nodded approvingly. With a flick of his other wrist however, he released a blade that found its way to Dysen’s chest. The agent slid to the floor, wordlessly. Diggs knew his men would never question his action, but he looked at their vague forms to explain.

“The code he gave was ‘stone, base, one’. That was Peters’, an infiltrator confirmed dead six months ago’s call sign. I knew Peters and that wasn’t him.”

He looked back at the body. “Guess I settled two debts then.”


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