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Choose Another Adventure!

Now is as good a time as any to start another installment of The Challenge. Yes it needs a new name.

If you didn’t feel like clicking the link, well here’s the gist of it; leave a comment along with some information (will list it below). I will collate all of the responses by category, and using extremely high-tech methods, form your custom random writing assignment. It may sound tough, but if you block out the part of your brain that forms logic, and concentrate on the adoration we will all bestow on your work, it will come easily.

The first challenge gave us some utterly awesome entries.

Wub Boo Mommy‘s entry, a breakneck paced countdown where the very essence of space and time hung in the actions of one nimble being. Whoa, it was heavy.
ODNT‘s tale of desperation and love in a collapsing society; something between Lucretia My Reflection and Ben.
Oh yeah I did one too. Love will conquer all.

So, if you’re up to the challenge, just leave a comment below with the following:

1. A character, object or other noun
2. Another character, object or noun
3. A location (time or place or both)
4. Brief conflict/plot line
5. Genre (horror, comedy, mockumentary)
6. Word limit (100-700 words – up to about 1 typed page)

Volunteer up until Sunday, August 26th about 8pm EST. I’ll do the drawing and post assignments in a post on Monday – due dates are flexible, you will not be graded. Unless you’re hankering for a gold sticker, or something to hang on the fridge.


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