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Yes it’s my birthday once again.
So I’ll take a quick 10 minutes (ketchup style) to write about it and then I am off for funs and stuff. Maybe an arcade (yes they are growing around NYC now, and no De Blasio doesn’t want to get rid of the horse carriages for a pinball arena, and no I won’t link to the story about the horse carriages, because to hell with de Blasio)

So what does the Daily News Horoscope have to say?

You’re a unique and interesting person who can control a conversation. This year, draw on the knowledge you’ve learned from others. With abundant Jupiter’s influence moving to your solar third house, you can be in the spotlight. Life is what you make of it.

Alrighty then!

Why do we give all the gifts to the birthday person? They didn’t really do anything, they kind of just showed up. They certainly didn’t plan it. How about a gift for the parents once in a while. They did everything, include carry you around for 9 months, raise, clothe and feed you for many years after. Part of the reason you are so awesome and good looking is because of them. So parents are your agents in a sense. They deserve a cut. So if you are at that age that people get you wine (and you have awesome friends who know what a good gift is – which as an aside, a book is the best gift ever, IMHO) share a glass of it with them. If co-workers bring you a cake, (since you usually can’t drink with them until AFTER 5pm) give em a slice.

Do I have any notable birthdays? Well not really, they are usually fun, and include dinner and drinks with friends. Sometime I take off work (this year is no exception), but sometimes I stay in. Apparently I threw some people off, because I already have two messages that co-workers came to drop off a gift and I wasn’t there! So the mailbox area might look like a wine cabinet…

So…how old am I anyway? Want to guess? Try it. Get it right, and you get bragging rights. Or you win that amount in individual Cadbury Robins Eggs, since they are super cheap now, and yes I still have an open pack in my desk and don’t get grossed out that they are stale or something, because some of you know that you would crack open my desk drawer to get at them. Or ask me nicely, with my arm behind my back. How could I refuse!

Anyway, timer running down (on the phone not my ticker).
One more year in the books!

Ok fine I went a minute over, but I wanted to mention there are a LOT of people I meet that have a birthday on or around the same as mine. Yes they are instantly friends.


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