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Trifextra XVII – Love’s Last Call

For this weekend’s Trifecta, we return to a photo prompt. Your task is to use the photo below as inspiration for a story or poem of between 33 and 333 words.

We wish you well.

“I promise, I’ll write every day, Roddyberry.” Julia whispered in Rodney’s chest as the bustling, whistling and bumping motions of the train platform throbbed around them.

“While you’re writing, know that I will be thinking of you at that very moment, Juliebean,” he replied just as endearingly.

“Well maybe not at that very moment,” Julia considered, “since you’ll be in the middle of that Kardashianstan village, and there’s a nine hour difference. So, think about me around 6-9am your time, just to be sure.”

“Umm right, got it.” Rodney was a bit confused, but love was wonderfully confusing.

“ALL ABOARD!” the conductor yelled, eyeing the two lovers.

“Oh darling one more embrace!” Julia cried. They hugged for what was hours to them but really just 15 more seconds. Rodney broke off the hug and walked to the train, bags in hand, not looking back.

Ca-shunk!The train doors closed in his face. The sour look on the conductor’s face on the other side of the glass cracked into a sharkish smile. He’d had enough of these bratty idealistic kids heading out to change the world with their scraggy beards smooching it up like this was a bordello. And him wondering all the time if that little harlot of his would spend the days mooning for him and not do the vertical sock hop with the first duck- tailed punk that rumbled up in his motorcycle. The world is full of everyday lessons. This was the least of the harsh ones.

Rodney turned back to look at Julia, crestfallen.

“Oh darling I’m sorry!” she cried. Rodney sighed heavily. “Well, I think we have an hour until the next train.”

So they walked together, that awkward anticlimactic silence that shouldn’t have originally been, now forced upon them. Heading back upstairs, they made out halfheartedly, but Rodney managed to cop a last feel before the next “ALL ABOARD!” announcement. He grabbed his bags and headed to the escalator, his pace brisk despite the luggage.


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