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All NaNo’s Eve

It is several days after ‘Sandy’, and I have power, heat, light. There’s no damage to my apartment or car. Work is cancelled for the entire week, half of NYC has no power, and the subways are flooded – so I am not exactly celebrating. The 4 hour blackout that was in my area was planned, as they needed to repair a neighboring area’s transformer, literally the next block. Yes I am lucky, and I appreciate every second of being able to be writing this.

Among other things, Halloween will be rescheduled.

This was the extent of my costume. It was an instant buy when I saw it.

Not shown: Nasty big pointy teeth.

This should segue nicely into some interesting news. You may understand the shirt’s reference, as my first Zombie Bunny post refers to it. Yes it was an instant buy when I saw it (teefury.com).
Also tomorrow is the beginning of NaNoWriMo. I try to do it every year, and have not had that much success with it. Even if I do ‘win’, I usually do not ‘finish’ it.

Until now.

This year, I will use NaNo to complete the Zombie Bunnies story. From the very beginning to the end, adding new people, places, plotlines, and fleshing out what I already have.

After it’s done, I have a few people who can edit it, and maybe even help along the next couple of steps as well. Whether or not they can help, or that I even finish it this month, that’s the goal; I want to get the Zombie Bunnies story published. I draw inspiration from the efforts, advice and success of those of you who write every day, and give advice not only on the product, but what to do with it – I’ve been listening, and value your words. Now I want to take that advice and use it on to accomplish what you have.

In just a few more hours it begins, during one of the busiest months of my job, and that’s without a long weekend of holidays. I have a head start with the outline and these couple of days off, but most of all, the backing of Zombunny fans.

I will try to keep up with other prompts as well, and may tease you further with some parts along the way.

Part of NaNoWriMo, or just want to watch? You can find me here.

Here’s to opportunity, inspiration and knowing the value of everything.


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ZB or not ZB?

That is the question.

I’ve been asked by many of you, including the folks at Trifecta, about what I plan to do with the Zombie Bunnies series, mainly, “Will this be a book?”

It’s a good question, one I have asked myself by the time part four came around. Obviously a book would be a great option/opportunity! The questions I ask myself about that possibility run the typical Who, What, Where, gambit…

The most important question would be, do I stop writing it HERE?!

The way I see it, I could a)finish up the story, b)  solve ONE of the major conflicts, then ‘complete’ it if I get a book deal, or c) a combination, by which I finish it here, but flesh it out to book length/form afterwards.

Considering the momentum I have gained here, would it be ‘fair’? After all, it is your collective enthusiasm, and great words prompts/challenges, and some plain ol’ inspiration/creativity that has brought about this following. I do not mind putting the time and efforts into writing this for you all to enjoy, that’s what blogging is all about.  If I even started pitching this to publishers, would I have to cease writing/giving it away, and at the same time try to prove by the traffic and interest in the story that it would be worth their while to make a deal? Would that be a paradox, or just a buzzkill?

Even just by skipping prompts and going about the next parts on my own steam (which I will do very soon), I would be writing more words and details (I admit, 333 word limits help keep me well-disciplined with ‘essential’ words), and could really get it going.

Or hey I could put up a Kickstarter fund, with the goal of enough $ to self-publish it; get a copy of the book, maybe autographed by me, 8×10 prints of Emma fighting zombunnies, or lunch with Richard Connar for the big donors! That would mean deadlines not just to finish it, but if I do fall short of the goal, the book would still have to be completed.

I could also make it part of my NaNoWriMo come November, and take it from there. This is one of the best ideas I have had for a while; I am sure I can complete it – though time constraints and Thanksgiving week almost always wipe out my chance to ‘win’ it.

To add to the variables, here is a writer who has posted pretty much everything he has written, including his series on…yep, zombies! http://www.davidwellington.net/serials/

I should add that I did buy his ‘Monster’ series, they are really good, and have great theories on the zombies’ perspective.

Agh, too much to consider, but that is how my mind works. But what a dilemma to have, considering I had no idea that this idea would be so well supported. So yes, essentially  it’s all YOUR collective faults. Thanks!

Feel free to chime in with your ideas and opinions. I’ll be pondering, deciding, and most of all, writing. Again, thank you.


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