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The Eve of the Storm

For the past 5 days NY’ers have been advised to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, and she is now upon the Eastern seaboard. I am in Zone B, so it’s windy and a bit rainy right now.

Many people are still skeptical, since last year Irene was not as bad as anticipated-but new year, new hurricane, new rules. People are still going to work, and driving around. No last minute buying of supplies, at least at the corner pharmacy. I could still get milk and bread yesterday (though powdered milk is actually more sensible), but the deli was packed (hurricane or not, ham was on sale!). A guy at the store debated about buying pet food – ‘just in case’. In case your pets turn against you? In case you have to decide between eating pet food or each other?! Everyone is making fun of Bloomberg’s attempts at Spanish (hey he’s trying) rather than what he is saying. Newscasters are oohing and aahhing over water levels. Chris Christie’s blunt dry humor, and reassuring remarks are well received.

I’m off today – the MTA is shut down, and I was just informed that work is closed tomorrow as well. I do have the things I need, in case power goes out – since the lines by my house don’t need to go down for me to be put in the dark. They are estimating power outages for several days (which means people in Queens will take about a month). Phone is charged. I haven’t wanted to start a post in case power shuts off, but maybe I will think up some hurricane (Or Bob Ross – it’s his birthday!) haikus, maybe scratch some notes for trifecta or the Zombie Bunnies to pass the time.

So all is well for now, the worst is due tonight. Wish us well.


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