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Wattamelons & Honeydo’s

So I am on another vacation, full of eatin’ sugary/mayo soaked/barbecued foodstuffs, watching sparkly things blowing up and repeating it over the entire weekend (gotta love midweek holidays). I’m not worried about weight gain, since I have sweated out about 1/3 my body weight – this humidity has killed any desire to drink (oh the humanity!) but fresh fruit tastes even better. At least until I was told that Friendly’s Wattamelon isn’t a serving of fruit!?

I have also take the time to get my ‘to-do before the end of summer’ list together. Personal enrichment and home improvement are two good areas. My job of course is not (seeing as I am at the pinnacle of my game). Being that this blog is a source of both, I am open to any suggestions of anything YOU want to see around here- or anything you need to know. Photo requests and oddly specific questions are most welcome. Sure you can call this a bit of a copout, but rest assured, even though I am limited to my iPhone for internet access, I will keep up on you. I do have a legal pad which I have scribbled the outlines for the writing project, as well as the next Zombie Bunny installment. The show must go on (yes that was a teaser). Enjoy your weekend if you have taken it.

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