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The Hat Has Challenged!

Ok well time is up, put your pencils down.

So I had a few responses, 2 is enough to mix things up enough…but wait! The little lady noticed my contest and volunteered her own choices, but (wait again!) chose to stick them in the hat without telling me what they were. There are more twists here than a factory that makes those twisty things that they tie bread with and that cats love.

Anyway here is the hat with the submissions…I chose my (one of many) Yankees cap, to esure something successful 😉

And the picks are:
Object #1 – Carton of eggs
Object #2 – One Key
Location – Forest
Plotline – Honeymoon
Genre – Science Fiction
Word Count – 531

So there you go! I will say that I am already buzzing with ideas 🙂

Now for our pics for…Ms. ODNT
Object #1 – Camera
Object #2 – Photo
Location – NYC 2112 (Keep in mind that you can do NYC in the year 2112, but not the incredibly awful tourist trap restaurant Mars 2112).
Plot – I am Milo! (Get it? Milo is last cat…like ‘I Am Legend’…Will Smith remake…?)
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Word count – 500 words

Well let’s round this all out for fun. Wubboomummy, your topics are
Object #1 – Fiji Spy
Object #2 – Milo (what a team!)
Location – Mongolia 1982
Plot – Saving Time! (Digital watch thefts!)
Genre – Thriller
Word Count – 611 words (and wish ODNT happy birthday – it will not count towards the total wc)

Good luck!

If you can/want, stories are due Tuesday morning, before morning turns to noon (EST) whenever you can get them in. You all have lives and other priorities and I will respect it. Plus, I just scribbled down some ideas, and I have to say that this might become something big. Let me wrangle it in – but I am going on vacation (with very limited interwebs) from the middle to weekend. I’ll do right by you all and write 😉

Thanks to all participants!


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Choose the Adventure!

I have been thinking (yeah I know it just happens) – since all of these official and semi-official writing challenges (such as Lance‘s 100 word song; ideas can be inspired, like Ms. ODNT’s brilliant one, which I entered) around our mutual circles inspire us so much, I should think one up as well! That might be a challenge unto itself, since I would be giving orders instead of taking them. An idea came to me, and I would like to give it a try!

Here’s the deal. I am asking YOU to help build a story! For that I will need a some information, just a few words on each topic:

  1. A character, object or other noun
  2. Another character, object or noun
  3. A location (time or place or both)
  4. Conflict/plot line
  5. Genre (horror, comedy, mockumentary)
  6. Word limit (100-700 words – up to about 1 typed page)

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Together, these can be the criteria for the story. It sounds easy enough, why not throw a twist in there?!

Sure thing! What I will do is, collect all of your suggestions, put them on slips of paper, and by topic, place them in a hat and draw one. That will ensure that the story could be incredibly random, and more fun! The more of you who suggest, the better! It will be like Build-a-Bear except no adorable hats (except the one I draw from). Or better yet, Frankenstory! Which also reminds me that this idea needs a formal name!

A few small rules; topics need to be semi-SFW. You can suggest up to two ideas for each topic. Picking an incredibly random numbers of words within the limits is fine.

Challenge begins…NOW! I’ll take topics until 8pm Sunday night (since is it not yet football season, and I stopped watching the Simpsons years ago). I will do the drawing and post what topics were chosen. I will then post the story by Tuesday morning. (I will set a more concrete time frame soon!)

Make sure to check back – because I’m throwing another in another twist!

This first run was to be an experiment, but I’m going to dive right in. You know what they say, if you dish it out, you better be able to take it. So I am going to pick a second set of topics, and assign it to one of YOU! Eventually, I might arrange it so that everyone who submits a set of topics will be given their own random idea set. The same rules will apply.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


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