The Zombie Bunnies

If you’re here, then you are at the very least curious about what the Zombie Bunnies is/are. Or you might be a die-hard fan of these adorable, bloodthirsty, undead creatures. Either way, welcome!

What started as a quick idea for a Trifecta Writing Challenge quickly grew into the most popular topic of my blog. I admit I didn’t see that coming, but I have embraced it each time with inspiration and effort. I’m having a great time thinking it up as I go along – very little is planned ahead. Every installment has been well received, with part VI actually getting second place in its challenge.

To make it easier for anyone/everyone to access the story line, all links will be placed here in chronological order (which may differ at times in the order they were written- I did backtrack once or twice).

The Zombie Bunny Entries:

    1. Fetch the Holy Hand Grenade!
    2. Part II
    3. Part III
    4. Part IV
    5. Part 4.5 – The Harvest
    6. Part V
    7. Part VI – Welcome to the Fold
    8. Part VII: Peeple are Peeple
    9. Part VIII: Off-Balance
    10. Part IX: On the Edge
    11. Part X: Get to the Choppa!
    12. Part XI: Heroes and Villains
    13. Part XII – Setting the Stage
    14. Part XIII – In the Hunt
    15. Part XIV – Rack ‘em Up
    16. Part XV – The Reckoning Pt. 1 – Allen
    17. The Reckoning Pt. 2 – Emma
    18. Into the Sunset
    19. A Cold Burning
    20. No Love Lost

4 responses to “The Zombie Bunnies

  1. You’re right. It’s impossible to come here, and not become curious about the zombie bunnies!

  2. Lyssa Medana

    I have bookmarked this page for when I have a few spare moments. Zombie bunnies sounds irresistible.

    I’ve been talking to Thomas Marlowe and we are both missing the Trifecta Challenge. One thing led to another and we have decided to set up Light and Shade Challenge where there are prompts twice every week and a chance to share what inspiration strikes.

    We are not trying to be the same as Trifecta. They were awesome and I miss them. We do have some really exciting ideas of our own, though and can’t wait to see what happens. It would be great if you could come and join us and see where this journey takes us. Good writers are always welcome. If you have any questions then get in touch either on the Light and Shade Challenge Blog or on the Facebook page. It would be wonderful to hear from you. Lyssa M

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