Trifecta XXIV – Zombie Bunnies VII – Peeple are Peeple

This week’s word is ‘confidence’:
3 a: a relation of trust or intimacy <took his friend into his confidence>

b : reliance on another’s discretion <their story was told in strictest confidence>

c : support especially in a legislative body <vote of confidence>

On the heels of a second place finish (which made my week), and some of the awesomest feedback ever, I too wondered, what happens next? I’ve actually started an outline and will probably create some page that links them chronologically.

For now, let’s continue where we left off…

“What occurred here must remain in the strictest of confidence. We put days of effort into building this new order, and will not have it bastardized by others. Particularly ‘The Hare Band’, as they are known,” he spoke with obvious disgust. A rival faction of crazies, Emma thought. Some things never change.

“Well we’re just passing through, but your secret is safe with us,” she promised. Like anyone would believe it. Echo sighed and shook his head. “Know that we can offer no protection when you encounter them.” As they re- slung their backpacks, they were each offered a yellow marshmallow Peep attached to a simple nylon lanyard from the un-furred young woman. “For luck,” she stated, holding them out proudly. “I made them myself.”

** *

“You’re actually wearing it,” Emma badgered Allen, as they pulled out of the garage.

“I like ‘em stale,” was his reply.

** *

WHEN you encounter them is what he said, Emma reflected, not IF. Should have known. She didn’t share that epiphany with Allen, who was cursing at having missed the now obvious nail strip that blew out the van’s tires.

Several figures emerged from an abandoned pet shop on their right. They were armed with automatic rifles, a juxtaposition to the, yes, Emma realized, rabbit ear headbands.

“We don’t want any trouble, we were leaving town,” she declared.

“Leaving?” One man said nasally, a rubber pink nose twitching on his face. “Then why’re you wearing the talisman of the Bunnymen!?” he shouted accusingly. She turned and saw Allen attempting to eat the evidence, but it was too late.

They were herded out of the van, their backpacks confiscated, to their captors’ burrow. As they walked, Emma tried to think of some escape plan.

“Listen, how about we join…”

“No, you’ve likely eaten of the Hallowed Bunny,” Pink Nose stated, “and therefore are impure. However, you are still useful to us in ensuring our survival. Rather than waste our ammunition against unending hordes, we placate them with… a sacrifice!”


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21 responses to “Trifecta XXIV – Zombie Bunnies VII – Peeple are Peeple

  1. I actually laughed out loud at the image of Allan eating the Peep. Hilarious.

  2. I can never look at those yellow Peeps the same way again. I think I’m all caught up with the Zombie Bunnies installments. What I’m picturing in my head is beyond weird and funny at the same time. To be continued…?

  3. I can’t wait for the movie: Zombie Bunnies Strike Back! It will be big. Great job!

  4. This makes me think about the South Park episode where Stan gets chased by Easter bunnies.

    Reading this made me envision a similar scene. I can’t wait to read more!

  5. I guess they couldn’t wear rabbits feet for luck, could they? At least the Peeps were good for something (even if it was a rushed snack for Allen :))

  6. I love the incorporation of the marshmallow Peep cult. The zombie bunnies continue to entertain!

  7. I am not crazy about zombies but I am crazy about your style! I am so glad to have found my way to the Trifecta challenge; you are one of the writers I can’t wait to read more of.

  8. This is really good! They took the prisoners to their “burrow.”. Lol! And the headbands. 🙂

  9. Jennifer Worrell

    REALLY interesting–I have a Peep thing, too:) Zombie bunnies RULE!

  10. When I clicked on the link, I was hoping for a continuation of this story. Seems as though you’re developing a bit of a cult following here! Thanks for linking up again.

    • Right, it’s either keep it flowing, or get back to other characters or bits of the story, even the beginning. Then again, it depends on the prompts – though it might not always…!

  11. The talisman of the Bunnymen. So funny.

    Are you old enough to know Echo & the Bunnymen? Probably not. I invented fire, by the way. Anyway, I thought of the band when I read your entry.

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