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Ketchup With Us #18: Those Lazy Crazy Hazy Days

Ms Mel and ODNT want to know what’s on your summer reading list, so that everyone can see it and we can all read those books and start a reading circle, which is an awesome excuse to get together and uncork some wine (though I have had some good screwtops!). As though you need a reason… Ketchup With Us


It’s May already?! (the 5th Month), start making plans for building Castles in beach dunes, playing games in the backyard,  BBQing, then watching stars at night – it’s almost magical. Know that many days remain before the autumn harvests and winter in the city.

And download/ pick up a copy of Carrie Rubin’s The Seneca Scourge.



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Wattamelons & Honeydo’s

So I am on another vacation, full of eatin’ sugary/mayo soaked/barbecued foodstuffs, watching sparkly things blowing up and repeating it over the entire weekend (gotta love midweek holidays). I’m not worried about weight gain, since I have sweated out about 1/3 my body weight – this humidity has killed any desire to drink (oh the humanity!) but fresh fruit tastes even better. At least until I was told that Friendly’s Wattamelon isn’t a serving of fruit!?

I have also take the time to get my ‘to-do before the end of summer’ list together. Personal enrichment and home improvement are two good areas. My job of course is not (seeing as I am at the pinnacle of my game). Being that this blog is a source of both, I am open to any suggestions of anything YOU want to see around here- or anything you need to know. Photo requests and oddly specific questions are most welcome. Sure you can call this a bit of a copout, but rest assured, even though I am limited to my iPhone for internet access, I will keep up on you. I do have a legal pad which I have scribbled the outlines for the writing project, as well as the next Zombie Bunny installment. The show must go on (yes that was a teaser). Enjoy your weekend if you have taken it.

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