Ketchup With Us: What I Dug Up

Ms Mel and ODNT want you to make your best terrifying OR terrified face. Then, post it on your blog or tweet/Facebook it to Mel or me and we’ll link it up. BONUS: You get ten extra entries in the Ketchup Halloween Contest (see below) if you submit a picture. Ketchup With Us

I dug deep into the graveyard of my harddrive.


3884_533864159943_6699436_nFun with photo editing. The scary part is I didn’t have a beard or goatee at that time.

3884_533864169923_7608444_nFor some reason I thought the photo needed more saturation.

bruise2The result of the scariest blood donation I ever made. You’ll notice one smaller mark on my lower elbow and right in the middle. Needless to say, wiggling it around even slightly should never be done. Despite this, I still donate when I can, just not at that particular drive. Oh and not in summer – short sleeves were not flattering for a week or so.

scanlastWhat do you get when you buy a new scanner? Make face art. Ever feel a little discombobulated?

scanlucky7The haunted Tiki face. each set has its own freakish story.

profile3 001Well I needed an updated one, so why not just smear my face across the screen along with the light bar?!


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10 responses to “Ketchup With Us: What I Dug Up

  1. Those are all very scary – especially the blood donation – I don’t think I could compete with that.

  2. gene3067

    The blood donation scared the wee out of me. I hope you got extra cookies for that.

  3. Mel

    The last one scares me. But the one that looks like you have a beard, but don’t gives me the chills. It’s like foreshadowing. Hehe…see what I did there? FORE-SHADOWING.

    Thanks for playing!!

  4. That was so scary – the blood donation bruises 🙂

    As for the faces, maybe a little spooky, but looks more like you just had some fun with it!

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