Trifextra XIV / ZomBunnies IX: On the Edge

This weekend, we return to the 33-word prompt, but this time, a 33-word prompt with a twist. Your task, should you choose to accept, is to take a scene that involves (or affects) at least three people. You should then write this scene from the point of view of three of the characters, using 33 words for each character.

We left Emma and Allen in the clutches of the Hare Band, who plan to offer them as a sacrifice to the Zombie Bunnies. Each characters’s location/situation in the scene is italicized, POV is bolded.

Emma, looking down from a makeshift plank on the roof of the pet shop, at the horde of bunnies waiting underneath, trying to think up a plan –

Where’s an Artoo unit when you need one? Hell, I’d settle for a chick in a metal bikini. Great, my last thoughts are a nerdy fanboy’s. What the… a helicopter?! Allen, quick!

Richard Connar, watching the scene from the EM CopterCam video feed and talking to the reporting staff on board–

“We’re going live now, keep the camera on the victims… closer! I want to see and SMELL some fear. Right, interview the cultists afterwards, we can work a weekly series out of this.”

Allen, standing behind Emma, with zombie bunnies underneath, thinking typical guy thoughts –

We should have stayed with the other cult. I could have found out how furless that babe was. That Peep is repeating on me; nice last meal. What, Emma… ok they’re distracted! Move!



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6 responses to “Trifextra XIV / ZomBunnies IX: On the Edge

  1. Whew – Sounds like the helicopter may just save the day even though they don’t mean to…

  2. Repeat Peeps…nice. Can’t imagine it gets any better the 2nd, 3rd, or 20th time around 🙂 I liked the 3 perspectives here.

  3. Nerd fanboy thoughts within a nerd fanboy’s zombie fantasy story? Yes, please.
    Thanks for presenting another creative entry. See you back for the next challenge?

  4. karen

    This is so great — might be one of my favourite repeat story lines ever.

    I also love the peeps repeat thing … makes me snort with glee. (My perfect last meal would be a Vietnamese meal I had often in the 80s at a now gone restaurant – the mint – TMI?!) But with the right last meal, one could escape just about any attack, methinks!

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