Eight Bit of Foolishness

Music of the day:

Being part of the first console generation, I grew up playing games that were paintings on a cave wall compared to today. With so little byte/bit space to work with, developers worked tireless hours to bring us the most basic, repetitive storylines, with graphics that in many cases, were little more than dots, and music that was a random set of sounds done in rhythm. We loved it though.

Apparently we still do.

As technology progressed, each element grew. Gameplay expanded, graphics got better, and the music had actual composers! Hell even Nine Inch Nails made a cameo as a weapon in Quake. Now that my peers and I are older, from our mid 30’s-40’s (some of us passing through another year today!), we look back on those times fondly; the games were no less violent, but blowing up tanks and planes of ‘enemies’ who were undefinable pixels/polygons lends a certain amount of guiltlessness, and fun!

Now, songs are remixed and comments about adolescent moments (more like hours, every day) rushing back are all about how great those games were. I’ve made friends with people based on our agreement that Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders was the single greatest game ever. (Then again, I have also tapped steins with people based on Simpsons quotes and dive bars.

I’ve mentioned this before; in fact, when I looked at the new Windows tablet, I wondered how the hell I would load up the original Quake on that. With Windows 8, I see only a version that is even less likely to be able to load up all my old DOS games.

As quickly as we move forward, still we bring a few things with us along the way.


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24 responses to “Eight Bit of Foolishness

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  2. Red

    Awesome! I refuse to admit I had a Commodore 64 for about 6 years. Absolutely refuse.

    Happy birthday, Guapbits!

  3. Allow me to brag and say that I had the Atari EIGHT hundred and not its dumber, shoeless cousin, the FOUR hundred. That made me the shit back in the day. Wonder if it still holds any magic. Gotta go look in my mom’s attic.

    Happy Birthday, Guapo … http://wp.me/p1LoLK-3fD

  4. We had Pong and Atari. Awww, those were the days! HBD Guapo! Great post B!

  5. I had to go with Commodore 64. What I don’t understand is what happened to Commodore 1-63?

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  7. I remember playing one of the first … if not the first … PONG! … Well done tribute to the man, the legend. Happy Birthday Guapo!

  8. Man, I loved Atari and Commodore 64. But I really did love pinball machines best. You can hardly find those either these days. And I still love me some old DOS games. I may have to find my old Zork game and play tonight for nostalgia purposes.

  9. I LOVE Pinball! I know I’m a grown woman, but it’s impossible for me to outgrow it.

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  13. A perfect reminder of how old I’m getting!

    Thanks BT, and there will have to be another dive bar/food run in the future.

  14. TI-99, write your own games. Great post, and happy birthday again El G

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  16. Recently unearthed my old ‘Ghostbusters’ game for the first commodore 64 I owned. It was a heady day when I upgraded to the 128 -looks back in fondness-

  17. Great retro post, my man!

  18. NES! I loved Duck Hunt when I was little. However, I wouldn’t trade my Xbox 360 for ANYTHING!

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