Ketchup With Us #38 – Homeward Bound

Ms Mel and ODNT Are giving you 10 minutes to write something, anything. Ketchup With Us

I’m on my way to Chicago tomorrow morning, returning home Friday. I will post pictures and stories upon my return. Until then, I began to think about whatever travels we go on, we somehow seek home again.


What is home to you- Where the heart is? Where your hat is hung? The newly defined dwelling that love turns a house into?
For me it was an apartment building where I spent my formative years. 18 years to be exact, and we lived on the 18th floor. We had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony. I would sit out there on summer afternoons and ‘plane spot’ – the route to one of the airports was along the way and I would read the rear wing design. Most were American Airlines, sometimes I would see something unique. Alaska Air had an Eskimo on it. I even went to the liberry once and found a book with an entire index of them. The Concord would roar by at 8 or 10 am on weekends, cutting through the air sharp as it looked.

I’ve moved several times since 1995; lived in a house for 3 years, then my parents bought a co-op. I would buy one nearby a couple years later, where I still live. Still in Brooklyn.
I am a vivid dreamer. Colors, words, sounds, the whole shebang. Emotions and tension as well. A vividly detailed dream can be over-stimulating even if it’s a good one, and for someone who watches horror/thrillers, played Quake almost exclusively for several years and used to listen to death metal all the time, you can imagine the types of dreams I had. Sometimes I had to get home – for safety, or pick up something, a home base…not sure. It could have been any of those reasons. It was, many times, run-down. Not always post apocalyptic. But something that fell into disuse and disrepair. Things did change when we were moving, criminal elements started to move in and we really were forced to get out asap. Not the terms we wanted. But still there was something that made me go there. Nowhere else. I would reach my floor and sometimes just reach the door but never got in. Never got to that balcony again. Never looked out my parents window at the NY skyline with the twin towers still standing.

Guess I never truly made it home again in those dreams, maybe the new ones became more real .


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3 responses to “Ketchup With Us #38 – Homeward Bound

  1. I like getting home for a trip, just to be able to sit someplace familiar.
    But after a few moments, I already start thinking about the next adventure.

    Have a great trip! Stay warm. Chicago can still be a nightmare weather-wise this time of year…

  2. I lived in 8 houses (that I can remember) in five cities growing up, so when I think of a childhood home, none really come to mind. After I got married, we bought a house and lived there for sixteen years. We moved out of the craziness of Phoenix to a small town.. I’m curious where my kids will think of as their childhood home.

  3. Aww. Thanks for sharing these nice childhood memories. And I’m just curious. If you’d lived on the 19th floor of the building, would you have elected to live there 19 years?

    (That’s a stupid joke, Michele. It barely even qualifies as one actually. He probably won’t even get it. Plus he probably moved out at 18 to go to college. Duh. That’s when people move out for that kind of thing. So your “joke” doesn’t even really make sense.)

    (Geez. My inner voice is kinda bitchy today, isn’t she?)

    Thanks for linking up with us so loyally, BT. And for allowing my multiple personalities to hash it out right here. See you again on the 1st.

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